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Cash Game Strategy Tips

Posted By KKPoker | 2021-11-26

Cash Game Strategy Tips

Poker cash games (also known as ring games) feature set blinds and a minimum to maximum buy-in. For example, a No-Limit Hold 'em $1/2 cash game may come with a $40 minimum buy-in and a $200 maximum buy-in, meaning your opponents will have differing chip stack sizes depending on their buy-in amount and previous hand history.

In KKPoker cash games, players compete to win the pot in every hand. The value of the pot is real money US$, which differs from poker tournaments where the in-play chips have no equivalent cash value, and prizes are instead awarded based on the tournament prize pool structure.

At KKPoker, you can play exciting cash games in popular formats such as NLH, PLO, OFC, AOF, and 6+. Play traditional ring game formats and the exhilarating FLASH format, where players can instantly fold and be dealt a brand-new hand at a new table.

In KKPoker cash game formats such as NLH, PLO and 6+, players will automatically sit down for the minimum buy-in and immediately have the option to increase their chip stack via Top Up in Settings.

So what's the difference between cash games and tournaments? Which should you play? And what's the top cash game tips for beginners?

Find out the answers below!


Cash games are perfect for poker players with limited time.

Playing cash games allows you the freedom to come and go from the table at will, so you control how long each poker session lasts, unlike in tournaments where the gameplay dictates your session length. If this is important to you, cash games are ideal for getting your poker fix without pre-planning and comprising.

Cash games are also an excellent way to experience postflop poker and learn essential strategies compatible with all poker variations. The dynamics of poker tournaments make hands end preflop or on the flop much more, whereas cash game hands play out on the turn and river more due to the consistently deeper stacks and differing strategies. If you are new to poker, or even an experienced tournament competitor, playing cash games will help improve your overall poker skills.

Furthermore, cash games are the way to go if you want to sharpen your poker 'read' skills. Traditional cash games play in a single table format, which means you are much more likely to play against the same opponents for a prolonged time compared to tournament poker. Therefore, you can collect more reads on your opponents and understand bet sizes more consistently.

Best of all, at KKPoker, you can play cash games for as little as $0.40!



Cash game strategy differs from tournament poker, with the latter following a more straightforward pattern because of the prize pool structure. For example, tournament players usually base their strategy on overall survival and the opportunity to make the payout positions. Tournament poker strategy also focuses on selecting the right time to make your move correctly; however, cash game players have to be consistently aggressive and maximise their value in every hand for overall profit.

If you are a tournament player wanting to experience more cash games, then here are two essential similarities to Cash and Tournament Strategy:

1) Hand Ranges - it's important to consider the range of hands your opponents may hold. It would help if you based this on their table position, preflop betting action and postflop aggression. View more information about hand ranges here.

2) Position – having position on your opponent is important in all poker games as you get to see what your opponent does before acting. Being in position is especially important for deep stack cash games, as hands are often played across the flop, turn and river - which means more decisions to make. 


Think Value!

Whereas achieving prizes in poker tournaments relies on your ability to reach the payout positions successfully, cash game success depends on your ability to win as many chips as possible in every situation you hold a strong hand. Getting the most value out of your hands in cash games is key to success.

Build the pot by continuation betting when hitting top pair or better on the flop.

Don't Limp

New players are often tempted to limp (call the big blind amount) instead of raising in the hope to see the flop for cheap. This strategy is not recommended as it could lead to even bigger raises from your opponents, which would mean an eventual higher price to call. You also may be giving away information about the strength of your hand if you only limp with cards such as Queen-Jack suited and raise with hands like Ace-King.

In cash games, it is important to be aggressive with your actions!

Avoid Bluffs

It is best to avoid bluffing in cash games. If you decide to take a bluffing line of action, ensure your hand has at minimum backdoor draw potential for the chance to improve on later streets and potentially turn your bluff betting into value betting.


It is better to reraise preflop rather than slow play/trap if you hold a premium hand.

In tournament poker strategy, it is sometimes advised to slow play big hands in certain situations to trap your opponent. However, in cash poker, it is always better to be aggressive from the beginning and maximise your chance to win a big pot.


In multiway cash pots (3 players or more), is it acceptable to check with a medium hand strength like middle pair, or even a strong top pair. Pot control is important in multiway pots.

Bankroll Management

There are many reasons to ensure a poker bankroll can sustain the stakes you decide to play. It is recommended to hold at least 20 buy-ins for the stakes you play and, of course, only play with what you can afford to lose.



FLASH at KKPoker takes NLH cash games to the next level!

FLASH format enables you to 'Fast Fold' the hands you don't want to play, except when in the Big Blind position, and instantly be dealt a new hand at a new table.

New players can quickly understand the table dynamics when playing strong hands, while experienced players can focus on their preferred hand ranges, making FLASH a great game for all!

Put your cash game knowledge into practice now at KKPoker and experience a unique and immersive mobile poker experience!


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