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Posted By KKPoker | 2023-09-06


Get ready to BET BOLD & WIN GOLD at KKPoker as we head to the beach for some epic poker hand battles in our new game - KKClash!

KKPoker players now have the chance to win up to 242x on their poker hand prediction bets in the fun and entertaining KKClash game.


KKClash offers to new dynamic to poker fun at KKPoker! Take a break from tables and relax in the beach environment, while you simply pick, bet and you experience the winning thrill!

Make your predictions on various hand outcomes such as, who will win the next hand - Shark or King? or even the split pot which pays 25x!


Looking for even bigger payouts? Make your hole card and final hand predictions. 

Pocket Kings to be dealt: 100x
Winning hand King Full House or King Quads: 242x

Bet on our King hand outcomes with boosted odds exclusively at KKPoker!

Follow the game trends using the Big Road feature. 


Low Level
Chips Value: 10c, 50c, $2
Bet Limit: 10c ~ $20

Medium Level
Chips Value: 20c, $1, $5
Bet Limit: 20c ~ $40

High Level
Chips Value: $1, $5, $20
Bet Limit: $1 ~ $200


Basic Rules
This game is a multi-player game. Card and hand rankings are the same as that of Texas Hold'em. For a full list of card rankings, please refer to the Hand Rankings tab. There are minimum and maximum bet limits for each square (betting field) that a player can bet on.

How to Play
At the start of each round, the Shark and the King will each be dealt two cards face down (Hole Cards).
The Hole Cards will be dealt in the following order: Shark, King, Shark, King.

Players will have a 15-second betting period to place their bets.

To place a bet on a desired betting field, players must tap on the corresponding field, such as: Shark, King, Draw, Suited / Connectors, Pair, Pocket Kings, High Card / Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind / Straight / Flush, Full House or Above, K High Card / K Pair, K Full House / K Quads.

Each betting field is subject to specific upper and lower betting limits.

Players can choose to place bets on any desired betting field(s), but the Shark and King fields are mutually exclusive. This means that a player can only choose to place a bet on either one of them or neither of them in each round. Players may not bet on both the Shark and the King in the same round.

Since this game will run continuously, if a player disconnects after placing their bets, they can check the game outcomes and payouts in Game Record after reconnecting to the game.

After the betting period ends, five community cards will be dealt face up.
The King and the Shark will use any combination of the seven cards available (i.e., two Hole Cards and five community cards) to make the best possible five-card poker hand, using none, one or two of their Hole Card(s). The one with the higher-ranking five-card poker hand wins the game (See the Hand Ranking tab for more details).

The players who place bets on the correct outcome(s) will be rewarded with the payouts according to the respective payout rate.

After the payouts have been distributed, a new round begins, and the process repeats with the dealing of the Hole Cards to the Shark and the King.

The Betting Zone and Payout Ratios
When the betting period is over, the community cards will be dealt face up, and the Hole Cards will be revealed. The winner will be determined according to the hand rankings in the rules of Texas Hold'em.

Players who place bets on the correct outcome(s) will be rewarded with payouts according to the payout ratio specified in each betting field. They will not receive any payouts for bets placed on incorrect outcome(s), nor will they have their bets returned. In the event that a round ends in a ‘Draw’, ‘King’ and ‘Shark’ will be deemed incorrect and players will not receive any payouts for bets placed on ‘King’ and ‘Shark’.

The payout ratios for the different outcomes in each round are as follows.
King wins: bet amount x 2.02
Draw: bet amount x 24
Shark wins: bet amount x 2.02

Bets placed on betting fields under the “Any Hole Cards” category are dependent on the hole cards held by the King or the Shark, and have different payout ratios according to the hand held:

Suited / Connector (i.e. the two Hole Cards are of the same suit, or of consecutive ranks, A-2 inclusive): bet amount x 1.66
Pocket Pair: bet amount x 8.5
Pocket Kings: bet amount x 100

Both hands that win and end in a draw are applicable for the “Winning Hand” category. Bets placed on the betting fields under this category have different payout ratios according to the rank of the “Winning Hand”.

High Card / Pair: bet amount x 2.2
Two Pair: bet amount x 3.1
Three of a Kind / Straight / Flush: bet amount x 4.7
Full House or above, including Full House, Quads, Straight Flush and Royal Flush: bet amount x 19
K High Card / K Pair: bet amount x 19
K Full House / K Quads: bet amount x 242

Return to Player (RTP)
Shark : 96.9%
King : 96.9%
Draw : 97.7%
Suited / Connector : 96.5%
Pocket Pair : 97.0%
Pocket Kings : 90.0%
High Card / Pair : 94.7%
Two Pair : 97.4%
Three of a Kind / Straight / Flush : 96.2%
Full House or above : 96.7%
K High Card / K Pair : 94.4%
K Full House / K Quads : 96.8%

Fees from KKClash rounds are generated by the difference between the prize and total bet. For the purpose of calculating the rakeback, the applicable fee to any given KKClash round is fixed at 2% of the total bet.

The Roadmap
The outcome of the round (i.e. Shark, King or Draw) will be recorded in their respective colors. The Shark’s wins will be recorded in blue, the King’s wins in red, and Draws in green.

Most Recent 10 Rounds Display
To access the records of the most recent 10 rounds, tap on the roadmap above the betting fields.

The most recent round will be added to the bottom of the list and will be listed as 10. The records of the remaining preceding rounds are listed from 1 to 9, with 1 being the earliest round.

If a winning hand contains a King (e.g. the Winning Hand is K High Card, a “K” symbol will be displayed next to the winning hand.

Big Road
The Big Road can be accessed by tapping on the roadmap above the betting fields.

The Big Road is a visual roadmap that focuses on tracking the Shark and the King’s wins.

When the Shark wins a round, the Big Road will be marked with a blue circle.
When the King wins a round, the Big Road will be marked with a red circle.

The round outcomes are displayed on the Big Road starting from the top left.

If a round outcome is the same as the previous round, a circle will be marked below the previous circle in the same column.

If a round outcome is different from the previous round, a circle will be marked on the next column to the right, starting from the top.

If a round outcome is a draw, a green line will be drawn through the last circle. If there are consecutive draws, the number of draws will be marked on the last circle.

The Big Road consists of six rows. If the rounds end with the same outcome for multiple rounds consecutively and the circle reaches the bottom of a column, the next round with the same result will be recorded in the box to the right of the last circle.

Game Record
The Game Record contains a summary section and details section for each round that a player has bet on. The summary section provides a summary of the hand and the betting information for each round. The details section lists all hand details along with all bets and winnings.

Miss Count
When a bet option has not appeared for 10 consecutive rounds, the number of rounds that the option has not appeared will be displayed on the corresponding betting field.

KKClash is a new online poker entertainment game, so get ready to make those predictions for a chance to win big!

Remember, always play responsibly. Read more about ways to manage your KKPoker bankroll here, including all self-exclusion options. 


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