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How To Deposit & Withdraw At KKPoker

Posted By KKPoker | 2021-03-25

KKPoker makes all aspects of player safety its top priority, and our measures include holding a direct cashier and being fully licenced by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. All player funds are held in a segregated and ring-fenced account, making for a 100% safe and secure platform.

Depositing real-money funds onto your KKPoker account is easy, meaning you can be playing your favourite poker games in a matter of minutes.

KKPoker has many deposit & withdrawal methods available to its worldwide player pool, including commonly used methods such as Debit/Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin etc.), CashtoCode, eVouchers and many more.


Follow these simple steps to safely and securely add funds to your KKPoker account.

Step 1. Go to Cashier

Select ‘‘Profile’ > ‘Deposit’

Step 2. Choose Deposit Method

Click on your preferred payment method. Available options are dependent on location.

( Note: The minimum deposit amount for most payment methods is $20. However, some methods differ. For example, CashtoCode is $25, and ecoPayz is $30. )

Step 3. Payment Processing

Confirm the cash amount you wish to deposit and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.


Follow these simple steps to safely and securely withdraw funds from your KKPoker account.

Step 1. Go to Cashier

Select ‘Profile’ > ‘Withdraw’

Step 2. Choose Withdrawal Method

You can only withdraw funds using payment methods already used to deposit. E.g. You have successfully deposited using ecoPayz, so you can withdraw using ecoPayz.

The minimum withdrawal amount for most payment methods is $20. However, some methods differ. For example, ecoPayz is $30.

( Note: You will be able to withdraw the amount shown in Withdrawable Limit. )

Step 3. Withdrawal Processing

Confirm the cash amount you wish to withdraw and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

You will see the ‘in progress’ page after you’ve submitted the withdrawal request. Please allow no more than 24 hours for the withdrawal to be approved.

Verification and Support

All KKPoker players are required to complete the ID Verification Levels to access certain processes.
Level 1 - Submitted: Gameplay, Deposit, and Receive Transfers
Level 2 - Verified: Make Transfers, Withdrawal
Level 3 - Verified: Continued Access to Tables, Enhanced Deposit/Withdrawal/Transfer Functions

If you experience any issues, please refer to the FAQs or contact us via in-app Feedback.

To further review the full KKPoker Deposit and Withdrawal Policy, please click here.

If you ever need any support concerning funds, please contact:


The KKPoker Payment team will endeavour to reply to your message within 24 hours. For all other queries, please contact Customer Support at



Q: What is a ‘Withdrawable Limit’?
A: Your ‘Withdrawable Limit’ is the amount you may withdraw from your account. This is based on the KKPoker Transfer Policy.

For example, if you have a $1,100 account balance, and your ‘Withdrawable Limit’ is $1,000, that is the maximum amount you can withdraw.

Q: How long do withdrawals take to process?
A: The KKPoker payments team will review requests within 24 hours, and funds are sent out immediately after approval. However, the processing time is dependent on the method. For example, please allow 2 to 5 working days for Visa card withdrawal processing. For e-wallet or Crypto, funds will arrive into your account almost instantly.

Players can check Transaction History to check the status of their deposits/withdrawals.

Q: I received a $200 in-app transfer from my friend yesterday. I didn't play, so instead, I withdrew the money. Why was the withdrawal request declined?
A: The withdrawal was cancelled because the funds were transferred from another player account without the purpose of gameplay. All transfers between accounts should be for gameplay purposes only. Please refer to the KKPoker Transfer Policy.

Players can check Transaction History to check the status of their deposits/withdrawals.


Q: Why do my card deposits keep failing?
A: In most cases, the failed transactions are due to your bank. There might be restrictions on your card, so we recommend contacting your bank for more information. If the failed attempts continue, the system will temporarily block your card for 24 hours.

Q: I need to add my new credit card to make a deposit. However, I received the message 'Too Many Registered Cards.' What does it mean?
A: All of our players are restricted to registering a maximum number of cards on our system. If you need to remove one card for another, please contact us and provide a valid reason for the change.

Q: I used my MasterCard to make a deposit and then made a withdrawal request after winning money in a tournament. Why was my withdrawal cancelled?
A: Unfortunately, in certain regions, MasterCard does not permit credit transfers for gaming transactions, so the funds will have been returned to your KKPoker balance. If you wish to withdraw your winnings, please make a minimum deposit using Visa, cryptocurrency or an e-wallet (in your name), and you will then be able to withdraw using that method.


Q: I have an ‘ecoPayz’ issue and received the message ‘More than 1 ecoPayz account’. What should I do?
A: Please contact the payments team and provide your 10-digit ecoPayz account number for additional support.


Q: I have $300 in my Skrill balance, but I've not been allowed to use the money to deposit onto my KKPoker account.
A: In some regions, Skrill has the following rule in place:
Money deposited with MasterCard cannot be used to pay on gaming sites. If someone else deposited the money with MasterCard and then sent it to you, you cannot use it on gaming sites. We recommend that you use your Visa debit card to fund your Skrill balance.

When you use your Visa card to fund your Skrill balance, please tap 'yes' to confirm that the deposited funds will be used for gambling.


Q: Yesterday, I got issued a free ticket, so I registered for an MTT and eventually won $30. I tried to withdraw $30 to my BTC wallet, but the request was cancelled. Why?
A: The withdrawal was cancelled with funds returned to your KKPoker account balance because you had not made a deposit using the crypto wallet before. Crypto withdrawals can only be processed to the same crypto wallet that was used to deposit. Please deposit at least the minimum required amount using a cryptocurrency first before attempting to withdraw.

Q: How should I deposit using cryptocurrency?
A: Please always deposit via the KKPoker cashier, which creates an entry in your 'Transaction History'. When you make a deposit using cryptocurrency, the cashier will give you the following information:

1) the exact amount to be sent (in BTC or ETH or LTC or XRP), based on the exchange rate at the time of payment and;
2) the destination address (where the coins will be sent to) or;
3) in the case of XRP, the tag number.

Please copy & paste the above information to your crypto wallet, ensuring all the information is identical to what's shown on the cashier. You'll need to do this each time, and please do not use any old information from previous deposits because the data will not remain the same. Please complete the transfer within 10 minutes.

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