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Satellite Tournament Strategy

Posted By KKPoker | 2024-03-12

Satellite Tournament Strategy


KKPoker is boosting its online poker satellite tournaments! More chances to earn tournament tickets and live poker packages to attend amazing global poker tours!

As the leading real-money poker app, KKPoker is all about flexibility! Play anytime, anywhere, and have opportunities to turn low buy-ins into big poker wins!

Read on to learn all about satellite poker tournaments and how they can be a key way to expand your poker profit! Learn about important satellite poker strategy and how you can win tournament tickets at KKPoker.




Satellite poker tournaments are among the best ways to win prizes for lower risk! Imagine turning $1 into thousands of dollars!

The basic principle of a satellite poker tournament is simple. It is a way to earn qualification to bigger tournaments for less than the standard direct buy-in. 

Some poker tournaments, such as the $100 buy-in KKPOKER GLORY, will offer direct satellites. Play a $10 satellite tournament and earn a ticket to the main tournament! That's a huge 90% discount!

It's a great way to boost your return on investment (ROI). 


Satellite poker tournaments can also often consist of STEPS. 

For example, play a STEP 1 satellite tournament ($1 direct buy-in) to win entry into a STEP 2 satellite tournament ($10 direct buy-in), again a 90% discount! 

Poker players can directly buy into the STEP 2 satellite for $10 if they wish, but trying to qualify via the $1 STEP 1 route is more attractive and cost-effective. 


Now you know the benefits of satellite tournaments, let's discuss some key strategy information. The most important information to understand is how to adjust your hand ranges when playing satellite poker tournaments. 

In the early tournament stage, your strategy and hand ranges should be almost identical to your standard-format tournament strategy. You will aim to play conservatively while looking for spots to add chips to your stack. 

In the middle tournament stage, paying close attention to how many players remain and how many ticket spots are available is important. Satellite tournaments are all about surviving and earning a spot in the prize pool places. So, while winning pots is essential, not being eliminated is more important in Satellites.


Due to the structure of the prizes awarded in a satellite tournament, the actual poker gameplay strategy differs greatly from traditional poker tournaments

A key example of this is the PRIZE BUBBLE. 

The 'bubble' is a poker term for a specific stage of a poker tournament. Typically, the bubble is when only 1 more player needs to be eliminated for the remaining players to be ITM (in the money), and guaranteed a prize. 

Most satellite tournaments offer a set prize pool. For example, the top 10 players in a STEP 1 tournament will earn a STEP 2 ticket. Therefore, the value of all 10 prizes is identical. This differs from traditional poker tournament prize structures, where the prizes often increase as players are eliminated. This is especially noticeable on the final table (often 9 players remaining.)


Your aim in a satellite poker tournament is to survive and earn a ticket. 

If 10 players win tickets, once the final player is eliminated, it does not matter if you have the most chips or the least chips of the remaining 10 players. The remaining 10 players will earn the same value ticket, ending the tournament. 

This is a vital fact to remember for your strategy. Here's an example: 

There are 11 players left, and 10 players earn a ticket. 

You are the chipleader with 50BB. 

The smallest stack is 5BB. 

Due to your share of the remaining chips being so high, you have an extremely high chance of earning a ticket. 

Risking your chips to try and eliminate an opponent is not advised. In fact, in this scenario, perfect poker strategy books would tell you to fold every hand, even if you have Pocket Aces. 

The correct strategy would sometimes even go as far as to fold Pocket Aces in the Big Blind if the Small Blind moves all in. Crazy, but true! 

Risk vs. reward is super crucial in poker satellite strategy.

Key Tips:

  • Tight Aggressive play is advised.
  • Even tighter calling ranges for all ins during Satellites, especially when close to the Bubble. 
  • Lower variance plays advised.
  • Fold equity increases in value.

If you want to dive deeper into online poker satellites you can check out this resource: 

Book: Poker Satellite Strategy by Dara O'Kearney & Barry Carter


KKPoker has a detailed blog on poker bankroll management and how to deal with the inevitable 'swings' in poker. 

Satellite tournaments are great for practicing good bankroll management, as you can play to qualify for bigger buy-ins and only risk a small amount. 

Key Tips: 

Know losing is inevitable and prepare for that. Poker is a game of ups and downs, both with in-game chip stacks and your overall bankroll. Being mentally prepared for this is vital. 

Play suitable stakes. If you have a $100 bankroll, aim to play $1 - $5 buy-in tournaments. This will give you a better chance at success based on the effects of variance in poker. 

Poker is one long game. If you think of all of your sessions as part of one long game, you'll be less likely to be affected by the outcomes — good or bad — in a single playing session. You will have a more positive and stable mindset that benefits your mental health.

Review your play. Use the hand review system available in KKPoker to study hands that made you big wins and big losses. Compare them to various poker strategies and learn ways to improve your poker knowledge. 

Play more! Having good bankroll management will enable you to play more games. The more you play and practice, the more you learn and become comfortable. Try to play a variety of formats, such as Freezeout, Classic, PKO, Mystery Bounty, PLO, and Satellites

Please remember that KKPoker offers various ways to take a break if you need it, such as deposit restrictions and self-exclusion.


KKPoker offers an amazing selection of daily satellites for low-cost buy-ins! Win tickets to events like the GLORY SERIES, WARRIOR, and HIGH ROLLER!

You can also qualify to play global live events for just $2! 

KKPoker is your new go-to destination for live poker qualification! 

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