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Posted By KKPoker | 2024-06-11


The 17 May 2024 marked a significant milestone in the KKPoker journey! It was the day when the first SPINUP $1,000,000 jackpot multiplier was activated, offering a life-altering opportunity to 3 fortunate players. 

For just a $10 buy-in, each player was guaranteed a $100,000 prize and the chance to battle for the $700,000 winner's reward!

The game was intense, with every bet meaning so much more. Could the players remain calm and become our ultimate winner? Well, the dream came true for one man in Canada...

Introducing the first SPINUP JACKPOT champion, YONG! 


For business owner Yong, it was set to be a normal Friday on his way to work at his family restaurant. But as he sometimes does, he fired up a few KKPoker SPINUP games, and this time, it was about to change everything...

"When I first saw the $1M jackpot pop up, I couldn't believe it," said Yong. 

"I never expected such good fortune actually to happen to me. I had imagined countless times what it would be like to win a big prize, but when it really happened, it was still a bit sudden."

With a 100,000x multiplier hit on the $10 game, all 3 players were guaranteed an incredible $100,000 prize, but their joy quickly needed to shift to concentration, with so much still to play for! Yong knew that the runner-up would receive $200,000 and the winner $700,000, so how did he focus with colossal prize jumps on the line?

"Since a big prize was at stake, I focused on playing correctly to win it. Because I play SPINUP games quite often, I stuck to the plan as I normally do, without changing my style to be more aggressive or conservative. 

"In retrospect, I realized this is similar to the logic used by professional players during their training; consistently playing in a certain way can create a conditioned response. In critical moments, your usual habits can either influence or help you."



Despite the epic prizes up for grabs, SPINUP is a quick-fire game and the confrentation lasted only 15 minutes! 

Yong had put himself in a strong position and held a 35BB chip stack against his opponent's 8BB stack when heads-up. Then came the moment that would seal his fate. 

Yong raised to 2BB on the Button with As 4c and was more than happy to call his opponent's all in. He was facing Ks 5c, and had a 62% chance of winning an extra half a million dollars!

The flop fell 8h 8c 6h, increasing Yong's advantage to 74%, but the 5h on the turn changed everything, flipping the advantage and leaving Yong with a 22% chance of victory. He needed to improve on the river, and knew that only 10 of the 44 remaining cards in the deck would help him. 

But when the 6d appeared, giving Yong two pair with Ace kicker, he was declared champion in breath-taking circumstances!  

When Yong's amazing victory was confirmed, he said the excitement of winning a life-changing money sum meant he waited until the next day to tell his closest friends of the news. 

But what does Yong have in store for his epic winnings?

"It's a significant amount of money that can greatly change my life! I don't yet have a detailed plan for using the winnings. However, I will likely invest a portion into my recently started business as I have been thinking about how to raise enough funds to expand it. 

"But there is one plan I almost decided on the moment I won the money: I will set aside some money to participate in the WSOP and aim for the Main Event, a wish shared with my friends for years. I will also reserve enough funds for buy-ins to future poker tournaments."


One lucky day can change the life of a poker player, but often, it's after years of practice, patience, and determination. Yong learned poker in 2017, and despite being a dedicated businessman, he found time to continue playing both online and in his local live poker rooms.

"When I play online poker, I mainly focus on MTT, PLO, and SPINUP. PLO and SPINUP have quicker game formats, which are suitable for recreational players who don't have much time to spend on poker games. MTT is different; I set aside time to play it seriously because the prize money is usually quite high, haha.

"I will definitely continue to play poker. I always believe that poker is a game of intelligence with a luck component. Even if it is considered gambling, isn't every aspect of our lives a gamble? From the moment we are born, we have already placed our life's bet, haven't we? Investing money in a business before seeing any returns is also a gamble.

"I may never become a poker master, there are very few that become a top expert in any field, it requires both talent and luck, which I don't think I have. However, since KKPoker has given me this stroke of luck, I do not rule out the possibility of becoming a professional player. Since KKPoker has brought me good fortune, I hope to give something back to KKPoker and use my online club as a new business venture."

And Yong's advice to future jackpot hunters...

"I'm not in the best position to give strategy advice because I am not a master-level player, but my advice to the next lucky winner is: Stay at the table because you never know if the next $1M jackpot could be yours!"


1. Tap the 'SPINUP' tab in the Lobby tab in KKPoker

2. Tap on your selected SPINUP game table featuring the gold $1M border and tap 'REGISTER'

3. When three players have registered for the game, the prize pool multiplier wheel will spin and land on a random prize pool from 2x to 100,000x at the $10 buy-in level and 2x to 40,000x at the $25 buy-in level 

The exciting poker battle will then begin!

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