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Posted By KKPoker | 2023-06-19


In April, KKPoker announced its most exciting promotion to date - VEGAS DREAM!

Our goal was to help members of our player community achieve a poker dream that many have; to play in the world's biggest poker series in Las Vegas this summer!

VEGAS DREAM gave KKPoker players a chance to win a massive $15,000 package via a variety of Missions, Freerolls, and Tournaments, and after weeks of hard-fought poker battles, we found our lucky five players!



The lucky winners will join the KK ELITE TEAM in Las Vegas in July, joining KKPoker ambassadors such as Brazilian legend Bruno Foster.


We spoke to our Vegas Dream winners for their thoughts on the Vegas Dream finals and achieving this goal!

What did you think when playing Heads-Up in the Vegas Dream finals?

AGUSAMC: I was really nervous, but I thought that the package was mine. When I got to the final table, I felt I was going to be the champion!

JOVANN666: When playing heads-up, I thought "Come on, you are so close to your dream, you can't mess this up. Maybe it's the closest you'll ever come to winning a package. Concentrate and play the best poker you can." Luckily I did.

MEILON: I felt pretty confident, I had a chip advantage, and all I could do was say "Don't make a stupid mistake" in my head all the time. After the victory, I couldn't believe it and yelled "I did it".

RYUTARO: I was very nervous because it was the battle for $15,000 or $0, so not like normal tournaments...haha!

KIYOTAKEKO: I was nervous, but I was able to play calmly!

How have you celebrated winning your Vegas Dream package?

AGUSAMC: It was a late celebration because at the beginning I just couldn't believe what I had just achieved!!

JOVANN666: The day after my win, I was on a picnic with friends. We had a barbecue, and drinks from the morning until midnight haha. Oh, and we also played poker!

MEILON: I wrote to my friends that I had won the package and went to bed because it was 4 am! But it was not easy to fall asleep. 

The celebration, I hope, will not be until after we return from Vegas!"

How do you feel about being part of the KK ELITE Team in Vegas?

JOVANN66: It will be an honor to join the KK ELITE team. I look forward to it and hope we will have a great time together. Thank you for the opportunity!

MEILON: I've always dreamed of being part of a poker team. I am very happy that it was possible at KKPoker. I would love to meet professional poker players who are part of the team, which will motivate me to develop my poker skills further. 

RYUTARO: I'm very excited since this is my first time attending a poker tournament as part of a team!

KIYOTAKEKO: I am very honored to be able to do it with very famous poker players!


The lucky winners will receive a $10,000 buy-in to play the world's largest and most prestigious poker tournament in Las Vegas this July. 

For them and many others, it will be their first time experiencing the atmosphere. So how will they prepare for such an occasion?

JOVANN666: I will be playing in the most famous tournament in the world. It is a dream for every poker player, and I am happy just to be a part of it. But secretly, I want to win it or at least reach the final table. I will prepare for the trip by playing more live tournaments and studying more.

MEILON: My dream now is to make the money places. My first dream was to play the Main Event. My preparations will be in place, I'm arriving two weeks before the Main Event, and I plan to play a few smaller tournaments to feel the atmosphere and get used to this huge poker series.

RYUTARO: I'm not interested in anything but the bracelet! I would also like to try Mix games, so I'm studying now!

KIYOTAKEKO: It is a very precious experience to be able to participate in this tournament, but since I am going to play, I would like to aim for the money places.

AGUSAMC: What do I want? I want to return to Argentina with the Main Event bracelet on my wrist!

The dream of playing poker in Las Vegas is one for every poker enthusiast, but with poker a global game, many may never be able to travel the distance, let alone get to play in the world's largest poker series. Have you ever been to Vegas before? If not, what are you most excited about? If you have, what do you want to experience this time?

AGUSAMC: I have never been to Las Vegas, and what I would most like to do would be to visit the different hotels and casinos, as well as the poker atmosphere that you must experience!

JOVANN666: I was in Las Vegas last year, but it was a traveling trip, not a poker trip. It was not during the summer. I visited the city and played cash games for a few hours. I also met Erik Seidel at the airport!

This year I expect to have an experience I will remember for the rest of my life, preferably with a lot of cash...haha! "

MEILON: This will be my first visit to Vegas, and I hope it won't be my last visit as part of the KKPoker team. Vegas has always been my dream, and I've wanted to visit since I was 25, and only after nine years am I fulfilling this dream. I think just being in Vegas during the summer and everything that comes with it will be an unforgettable experience.

RYUTARO: I've been to Vegas once last year for poker. I will stay there twice as long this year. I want to meet and connect with a lot of Japanese players!

KIYOTAKEKO: This is my first time, so I would like to visit all the casinos!


The history of poker is extensive, and most would have learnt their skills by playing live games with friends. But as the online poker revolution continues, new players will likely have become online veterans before even experiencing live poker games. What's your experience with live poker? Do you have any superstitions or rituals when you play?

AGUSAMC: I've played a few times live with friends, but I play a lot of online poker. 

Never celebrate before the river card appears. I feel if you celebrate, it's like shouting for a goal before it happens, which is the same as jinxing yourself."

JOVANN666: I am mostly an online player, but I sometimes play live tournaments or cash. My biggest buy-in so far is the €1,700 WSOP Circuit Main Event with €1M GTD. Playing the $10,000 Main Event will be a huge step up for me and my career.

I do not have any rituals or superstitions while playing poker. I believe in math and statistics. The cards do not care about our feelings and in the long term everything will even out.

MEILON: Unfortunately, most live poker events are not available in Poland, only small tournaments with low prizes are allowed, so my live experience is limited. This year I went to Bratislava for the Polish Poker Days and took 29th place out of 3,735 entries. So far this is my greatest success. I hope to better this in Vegas!

I don't have any superstitions when I play live. I try to play my best and calm down so that there are no emotions in me. I try to accept even failures calmly."

RYUTARO: I've attended mainly domestic tournaments in Japan, but this year I have attended some international tournaments!

My superstition/fear: When I feel like the opponent will draw a good hand, it will really happen...


KKPoker is delighted to be able to help our player community achieve their goals and dreams! And it's only just begun...

Our poker community is the heart of our platform, so we continuously listen to player feedback and adapt to provide the best gaming experience, focusing on localisation and value!

Check out our current live promotions in our continuously updated monthly blog and in-app! Stay tuned for more exciting promotions!

Want a new and exciting way to play? KKPoker has launched BOMB POT tables in NLH & PLO! 

Each player will put the designated Ante set by the BOMB POT randomiser into the pot. Hole cards will be dealt as per normal game rules, and Flop will be dealt automatically. There will be no further preflop betting round. The Flop betting round will then begin from the Small Blind position, and play will continue as per standard NLH/PLO game rules.

Learn more in our blog!


KKPoker has tournaments for everyone! From Freerolls to High Rollers, whatever poker battle you are looking for! 

Take a look at the upcoming MTT schedule here


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