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First Deposit Poker Bonus! $100 Reward!

How to claim your $100?

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Deposit $20+ to ENJOY these two offers

$20 Cashback Card
Increased Rewards While You Play
$80 in KK Points*
Play Flash NLH
(Blinds ≥ $10c/20c)

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Terms & Conditions

1 Event Commencement Date and Time: 6 October 2023 04:00 GMT

2 Only players who have NOT deposited in their KKPoker accounts prior to 6 October 2023 04:00 GMT (Eligible Players) are eligible to join this Event.

3 Only the first deposit into a KKPoker account of USD$20 or more during the Event Period shall qualify for a matched deposit bonus. Subsequent deposits are not eligible.

4 By making a first deposit of US$20.00 or above into their KKPoker account during the Event Period, an Eligible Player will qualify for either (A) the chance to get the 100% Match Bonus, or (B) the option to participate in the $100 Mission Bonus. Subsequent deposits are not eligible for this Event. A. 100% Match Bonus a. If an Eligible Player opts for the chance to obtain the 100% Match Bonus, the first deposit amount: (i) will fully count towards the 100% Match Bonus, up to a maximum of US$1000.00; and (ii) will be rounded down to the nearest integer when calculating the 100% Match Bonus. For example, a first deposit amount of US$20.90 will qualify for a 100% Match Bonus of US$20.00, and a first deposit amount of US $1001.00 will qualify for a 100% Match Bonus of US$1000.00. b. The 100% Match Bonus can only be claimed using points earned from contributing fees. c. Subject to verification, an Eligible Player can: (i) earn 1 point for every US$1.00 they contribute in fees; (ii) claim a US$1.00 bonus from their 100% Match Bonus with every 10 points they earn; and (iii) click the Event banner or logo to claim the bonus. In the pop-up window, US$1.00 can be claimed for every 10 points accumulated. The claimed bonus will be credited to the Eligible Player’s KKPoker account. d. Each Eligible Player has 60 days from the time they confirm their selection of the 100% Match Bonus to earn points and claim their bonus. Any unclaimed bonus that expires will be forfeited and will not be compensated. B. $100 Mission Bonus a. If an Eligible Player opts to participate in the $100 Mission Bonus, they will be able to claim a $20 cashback card, and will become eligible to participate in the Event missions (accumulative and not repeatable). Eligible Players must claim the cashback card before they can claim any Mission rewards. b. Missions and rewards details: mission image c. Eligible Players will only be able to participate in the Event missions and claim the cashback card and KK Points rewards within 14 days from the missions being sent to them, after which the $100 Mission Bonus will expire and the Eligible Players will no longer be able to participate in any of the Event missions. Any unclaimed rewards will be forfeited and will not be compensated.

5 Unless otherwise specified, this Event is not mutually exclusive with other deposit bonus related events.

6 Any suspected fraudulent or prohibited behavior found engaged by players may result in their bonus being forfeited and their KKPoker accounts being suspended.

7 This Event may not be available to players from certain jurisdictions (according to ID Verification).

8 KKPoker reserves the right to cancel this Event at any time without prior notice.

9 All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of KKPoker.


The products and services that KKPoker offers (via its websites, tablet and mobile applications) are together referred to as the "Services".

Access to Services may not be legal for residents of, or persons located in, certain countries. Services provided hereunder do not constitute an offer, solicitation or invitation by KKPoker for the use of, or subscription to, betting, gaming or other services in any jurisdiction in which such activities are prohibited by law. In particular, residents of or persons located in the United States shall not use any of the Services.

KKPoker is a brand and registered business name, owned by Aceking IOM Limited, 49 Victoria Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2LD.

Regulated & Licensed by Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission pursuant to the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001 since 24th July, 2019 (Last Renewal: 24th July, 2019). Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to create accounts and/or participate in gambling. All online gambling debts are enforceable in law in the Isle of Man.