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    Game Integrity


    At KKPoker, we pride ourselves in providing a safe and reliable platform for your online poker experience. Ensuring game integrity, including implementing anti-cheating measures, is a fundamental aspect for us to accomplish that top priority.
    We have a team of experts including ex-professional players, software and hardware specialists and data scientists, who investigate reports and proactively detect cheaters using our internal data and tools.

    Types of cheating

    Players are strictly limited to one personal account with KKPoker. The rationale will be further elaborated in the next section.
    Poker is an individual game. The fun comes from players striving to play their best against all opponents at the tables. Sharing live holecard information at the tables with other players is strictly forbidden.
    3.Automated players
    All decisions at the tables must be made by your input. KKPoker does not allow the use of "bots" on KKPoker.
    4.External player assistance tools
    It is our ethos that players must make all decisions independently. The use of complex reference materials, including real-time assistance tools, is strictly forbidden whilst playing at the tables.

    What happens to cheaters?

    Depending on severity of the offense, accounts found to have violated our rules can face the following consequences:
    (a) Warning;
    (b) Temporary Ban;
    (c) Permanent Ban; and/or
    (d) Confiscation of Funds.
    Please refer to our General Terms of Service for more details. It should be noted that decisions regarding more severe penalties will always be made through a team consensus to ensure a fair process.

    What happens to confiscated funds?

    Confiscated funds will not be retained by KKPoker; instead, they will be redistributed to affected players based on the extent of harm caused by the cheaters. The redistribution process may take some time to ensure fairness.
    KKPoker never keeps funds confiscated for game integrity purposes for itself.

    Player reports

    Although we have internal tools that flag cheating, we always welcome feedback. If you find something suspicious please do not hesitate to contact KKPoker at KKPoker is committed to investigating every player report.
    Last Updated: January 3, 2024

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