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Achievement System

Posted By KKPoker | 2023-10-02

Achievement System

Achievement System

The Achievement System is designed to add a whole new dimension to your gameplay.

This feature introduces unique challenges and milestones spanning various poker formats, from NLH to AOF, PLO to PKO, and OFC to SpinUp.

It is all about celebrating your accomplishments and taking your poker journey to the next level.      

Key Features

Achievements tailored to different poker styles

Collectible Trophy Rewards

Personal Progress Tracking

Each poker format has several challenges to complete, and by succeeding, you will be rewarded with a collectible trophy.      

You can keep track of your record by going down to your CAREER tab:    

But we don't stop there. We give you the power to customize your collected trophies.Make them uniquely yours and proudly display them to a global audience of fellow players.Show off your poker skills and let others admire your collection of poker trophies by:

Seasonal Trophies Collection

Let's take a closer look at the exciting seasonal trophies 


Lobby Games (excluding PLO & OFC)

Form a winning hand with K-K of any suit to earn trophies.

Collect the Gold Trophy to unlock the KING OF KINGS character.


Lobby MTTs

Achieve ITM (In the Money) status to earn trophies.  

Collect the Gold Trophy to unlock the ITM Again character. 


Lobby Bounty (KO) MTTs

Each elimination counts as 1 KO. Rack up eliminations to earn trophies.

Collect the Gold Trophy to unlock the Bounty Reaper character.

NLH ALL-ROUNDER (Back in Season 5)

NLH and Flash-NLH Ring Games

Win hands with specified hole cards to light up the map to earn trophies.

Collect the Gold Trophy to unlock the NLH All-Rounder character.



 ALL-IN ACHIEVER (Back in Season 5)

AOF-NLH and Flash-AOF-NLH Ring Games

Win multiple times with specified hands to unlock trophies.

Collect the Gold Trophy to unlock the All-In Achiever character. 

GIVE ME 5 (Back in Season 5)

PLO and FLASH-PLO Lobby Ring Games

Win hands with Quads or higher to receive trophies.

Collect the Gold Trophy to unlock the Give Me 5 character.



Lobby SpinUp games

Each time a 5x or higher multiplier is hit. Hit as many high multipliers as possible to earn trophies.

Collect the Gold Trophy to unlock the Spin Fans character.


OFC Lobby Ring Games

Achieve the highest number of consecutive re-fantasies recorded during the season to win trophies

Collect the Gold Trophy to unlock the Pineapple Royalty character.


All Lobby Games

Log in and play a hand every day for 50 consecutive days to unlock trophies.

Our Achievement System is all about celebrating your poker journey and accomplishments.

It's not just about winning chips; it's about winning trophies, earning character unlocks, and showcasing your poker skills to the world. 

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