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Eurolympics 2024

Posted By KKPoker | 2024-07-02

Eurolympics 2024

Eurolympics 2024 AT KKPOKER!

Compete for yourself and your nation in this new exciting competition! 

Earn ranking points for TWO Leaderboards in the $1,000 GTD tournaments between 8 July - 2 August, and qualify for the $8,000 Eurolympics Final Freeroll on 8 August.  

Which nation has the determination, stamina, power and skill to reign victorious for a gold meal?!

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The Eurolympics event will consist of two Leaderboards, the Eurolympics Leaderboard and the NATIONAL Leaderboard. 

The Eurolympics Leaderboard will rank each nation based on points earned by players in the qualifying tournaments. This Leaderboard will determine how many FINAL FREEROLL Tickets are awarded to each nation via the National Leaderboards. 

The NATIONAL Leaderboard will rank players individually based on player points earned in the qualifying tournaments. This Leaderboard will determine which players earn a FINAL FREEROLL Ticket. 

All nations will have their own National Leaderboard to determine players' individual rankings, except Finland, Norway, Estonia, and Latvia, which will be grouped into one National Leaderboard to determine individual rankings and shown as BALTIC EU on the EurOlympics Leaderboard.

Eurolympics Leaderboard Final Ranking Ticket Rewards

1st: 35 
2nd: 25
3rd: 22
4th: 20
5th: 18
6th: 15
7th 13
8th 12
9th: 11
10th: 10
11th: 8
12th: 6
13th: 5

Example: 1st = Poland, 2nd = Slovenia, 3rd = Macedonia. 

The top 35 players on the Poland National Leaderboard will earn a Final Freeroll ticket. 

The top 25 players on the Slovenia National Leaderboard will earn a Final Freeroll ticket.

The top 22 players on the Macedonia National Leaderboard will earn a Final Freeroll ticket.

At a minimum, the top 5 players in every National Leaderboard will be guaranteed to earn a Final Freeroll ticket. 


Compete in three $1,000 GTD tournaments weekly between 8 July - 2 August to earn ranking points!

EurOlympics Schedule


Ranking points can be earned in each qualifying tournament. 

National Leaderboard: All players in each tournament will earn themselves National Leaderboard ranking points. A mimimum of 3 rankings points, per player, per tournament will be earned. 

Example: Rank #1 to earn yourself 200 points on your National Leaderboard. 

Eurolympics Leaderboard: The best performing 10 players from each nation group will also earn points for their nation group on the Eurolympics Leaderboard. 

Example: Players representing Poland rank in these positions: 1, 4, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 20. Poland will earn a total of 1,292 points on the EurOlympics Leaderboard.

All remaining ranked players from Poland will earn National Leaderboard points as standard, but their points do not qualify to be added to the nations total on the Eurolympics Leaderboard.

Rank Range Points Rank Range Points
1 200 26 65
2 180 27 62
3 170 28 59
4 160 29 56
5 155 30 53
6 150 31-35 50
7 145 36-40 45
8 140 41-45 40
9 135 46-50 35
10 130 51-60 32
11 125 61-70 29
12 120 71-80 27
13 115 81-90 25
14 110 91-100 22
15 105 101-120 20
16 100 121-140 18
17 96 141-160 16
18 92 161-180 14
19 88 181-200 12
20 84 201-250 10
21 80 251-300 8
22 77 301-400 6
23 74 401-500 5
24 71 501+ 3
25 68    



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