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Posted By KKPoker | 2021-10-13


KKPoker AOF (All-In or Fold) takes fast-paced, action-packed poker fun to a whole new level!

Get ready for quick decisions, and be prepared to put your chips at risk for a chance to earn up to quadruple your buy-in every hand!


KKPoker AOF games are four-handed and play under traditional NLH format rules, except for your betting options.

In KKPoker AOF games, each player is dealt two hole cards, and the standard five community cards make up the board in three stages (Flop, Turn, River).

You must use your two hole cards alongside the five community cards to make the best five-card hand per the traditional NLH poker hand rankings. The best five-card hand will win the pot.

The exciting difference in KKPoker AOF compared to standard NLH games is that players can only choose one of two Preflop actions: All-In or Fold.

Once the hand is completed, the system will automatically cash out any players' balance that exceeds the buy-in level and transfer those funds to the cashier. If any players' remaining table balance is insufficient to buy in for the next hand, the system will automatically top-up to the correct buy-in amount.

Every AOF hand is a new opportunity to quadruple your buy-in!



Some people may think AOF is purely a luck-based game and can't be studied, but poker will always be a game of strategy no matter the type, format or rules.

Furthermore, the skills and experience you gain from AOF could also benefit you when playing in regular tournaments. Learning and understanding when to go all-in or fold are key factors to winning in a tournament or cash game.

Poker can be played in an abundance of formats, and each will have ways in which you can learn and improve.

With the nature of KKPoker AOF focused on two aspects, going all-in or calling an opponent's all-in, these should be your focus areas of study. In traditional NLH, understanding and utilising hand ranges is key to progression, and AOF study should be placed around the all-important hand ranges.


You can go all-in for several reasons, such as wanting to be called in the hope to win the pot or bluffing to protect your stack/blinds.

All-In Hand Ranges: These are the hands you opt to go all-in with. Choosing your range of hands to go all-in with will depend on your position and your stack size.

For example, KKPoker AOF is a four-handed game, meaning the player UTG (under the gun) is first to act and faces three opponents. The range of hands the UTG player can move all-in with must be based on this factor – just like opening hand ranges in traditional NLH.

If the UTG player folds, the Button player is now faced with the all-in or fold decision, facing two opponents, which means theoretically, their hand range can be increased due to facing one less opponent. The same is applied to if the Button player folds, the Small Blind player can move all-in with a wider hand range to force the Big Blind player into a decision.


The exciting AOF dynamic will also pose some interesting scenarios on whether your hand is strong enough to go all-in with after one or more opponents has moved all-in before you.

For example, if the UTG player moves all-in, each opponent will likely have a range of hands they would be happy to call with (or reshove if they have a larger chip stack).

Reshoving is an important part of any poker game, and in AOF games, it becomes even more important.


It is valuable to remember that folding is good! There will be many situations when your hand is not strong enough to move all-in with or call.

You should consider the fast and aggressive nature of AOF, but just like in all poker games, patience is a vital attribute to have and should not be seen as a weakness.


Having taken the time to study hand ranges, you will also need to pay close attention to changing table dynamics, most importantly, when players come and go from the table.

Gaining information at the poker table is important no matter the format! You may notice one opponent goes all-in almost every hand, where another opponent plays very tight (folds a lot).

AOF games will produce more hand showdowns than any other poker variant, and this can be used to your advantage by remembering the hand strength your opponent shows each time they are all-in.

Tip: KKPoker offers daily Freerolls where you can practice your skills even more and win cash prizes for $0 buy-ins!


AOF tables are running 24/7 at KKPoker, with buy-in starting from as little as $0.32 up to $160. Blinds begin at 0.02/0.04 up to 10/20.

Take your KKPoker AOF experience to the next level by purchasing a Silver, Black or Platinum VIP Card or the brand-new Samurai table theme.

VIP Cards offer exclusive features across many KKPoker games, such as All-in Equity, Rabbit Hunting, Detailed Career Report, Detailed Rival Report, Extra Disconnect Protections, Exclusive Emojis and more!

VIP cards start from just $5.99 and can be purchased in 30, 90 and 365 day periods for even more value!


KKPoker has launched an exciting Jackpot feature in various games, including AOF, which enables you to win HUGE prizes by hitting the best poker hands!

High Hand/Cooler Jackpot – Win an instant prize at eligible AOF tables when you achieve a qualifying hand ranking of Four of a Kind (Quads), Straight Flush or Royal Flush.

To qualify for a High Hand/Cooler Jackpot:

1.  Two hole cards must be used to qualify for a Jackpot hand.

2.  Must play your hand till showdown.

3.  The 'High Hand' Jackpot prize structure is used when only one player qualifies for a Jackpot hand.

4.  The 'Cooler Jackpot' prize structure is used if two or more players qualify for a Jackpot hand.

5.  During a 'Run It Multi-Times' scenario, only the first run can hit a Jackpot. The second and third runs won't qualify even if a Jackpot hand is made.


Deposit now to put your study into practice and enjoy the experience of AOF at KKPoker today!


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