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Posted By KKPoker | 2021-09-06

KKPoker Freerolls

KKPoker Freerolls give you the chance to win real cash prizes with $0 buy-ins!

Freerolls at KKPoker are tournaments with no entry fee but come with guaranteed prize pools featuring cash and special prizes. Playing KKPoker Freerolls is the best opportunity to gain vital poker knowledge and experience while growing your poker bankroll.

$50,000 KKPoker Freeroll Monthly Giveaway

KKPoker offers over $50,000 in Freeroll prizes monthly with regular $100 GTD Freerolls for all players every 2 hours!

KKPoker also has many Freerolls dedicated to helping you qualify for the biggest guaranteed prize pool events with a free chance to win high-value cash prizes.

Special Freerolls

KKPoker is proud to offer our players the chance to qualify to special tournaments via Freerolls and offer fantastic prizes on top!

To celebrate the KKPoker first anniversary, players were invited to complete the Special Silver, Gold and Master Missions and earn tickets to the Special Freerolls.

KKPoker gave away over $25,000 in tickets to the $100 buy-in $100K GTD KKPoker Cup Main Event to our lucky Freeroll qualifiers!

Regional Freerolls

Players from across Latin America and Canada represented their nation in Freerolls for the chance to qualify to the America's Cup Main Event and earn their nation a Bonus Freeroll with an exclusive boosted guaranteed bonus prize pool.

Players at KKPoker have also benefited from Freerolls in many of our other recent special regional events, including the Summer Thanksgiving, East X West Battle Japan and Live Tokyo Summer.

Benefits of Playing KKPoker Freerolls?

KKPoker Freerolls serve many purposes for both new and experienced poker players.

Freerolls are the perfect chance for new players to learn the basic poker rules and experience all of the exciting in-app KKPoker table features without paying the standard tournament entry fee. Freerolls are a poker playground and create an environment for excitement, fun and education.

Learn your Poker Style

KKPoker offers customizable action buttons to suit your betting preferences, such as Preflop and Postflop bet and raise amounts. Freerolls can help you try out and decide on your preferred preset bet and raise amounts before playing tournaments with real money entries.

Top tip: Doing this will save more time when you play real money games and ensure you are fully prepared for the all-important bets and raises.

Freedom for Beginners

If you are a beginner, you may feel an increased sense of pressure to win when playing poker games for the first time, especially if you play a tournament with a real-money entry price. So Freerolls are the perfect solution to relax into a new online poker environment without the overriding pressure to play to the best of your ability.

Experiment with Poker Tactics

Poker is a game of competing strategies, and often you will have to adapt to changing table dynamics very quickly. The best thing about KKPoker Freerolls is the risk-free opportunity to put your poker study into a real scenario and not affect your bankroll.

Using KKPoker Freerolls to test new table techniques is not limited to beginners either. Experienced players are also encouraged to practice their ever-growing strategies in a cost-worthy situation.

Despite the traditional rules of poker having remained consistent for decades, new formats and variations of games are created frequently, meaning even the poker sharks of the world will need to find ways to rethink their poker approach and, in some cases, learn a whole new set of rules. Freerolls can be used to try new variations to make sure your best poker plays are conducted in higher stake games where the prizes are more valuable.

Worldwide Player Community

With players worldwide competing at KKPoker, our Freeroll tournaments can also be an opportunity for new players alike to communicate via the Chat feature. You can even showcase your friendly rivalry at the Freeroll tables by engaging in an Emoji battle using our custom-designed Items.

Cash Prizes

No matter your chosen poker strategy for Freerolls, it's always a great achievement if you make the final table, and now there are more important decisions to make!

Now is the time to bring all your experience together and play your best poker to win the fantastic cash and prize rewards on offer for a great poker bankroll boost.

Progressing from Freerolls to Real Money Games

As mentioned, the advantages of playing Freerolls are massive. However, both new and experienced players should also lookout for ways not to let playing Freerolls negatively affect their long-term poker game.

Practice Vs Payouts

Playing Freerolls means you will experience tournaments with larger playing fields due to the nature of the zero entry fee. Although this will help you become accustomed to tournament poker in many ways, such as long game durations, changing blind levels, and payout structures, it also means your chances to win prizes will be lower.

It is essential for beginners not to let any negative Freeroll experiences discourage them from attempting real money entry tournaments. Winning free prizes is great, but the main aim of playing Freerolls for players of all levels is to practice for overall poker improvement.

Changing Dynamics

With all players looking to use Freerolls as a chance to experiment, it is common to see non-traditional strategies occur, and all players are likely to be frivolous with their chips. It's important to bear this in mind and not be surprised if 'crazy' pots occur, especially in the traditionally undramatic early levels of tournament poker.

An example of this is preflop action, where many players may opt to call (also known as limp) rather than raise in an attempt to see more flops. Another example is raises being called more often. Again, players may want to see more flops in the hope to connect with the community cards, and therefore raises may not get the 'respect' they normally would receive in traditional tournaments.


Play Today!

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Don't forget, KKPoker has a 24-hour schedule of real money NLH and PLO tournaments in various formats, including FREEZE, PKO, PKO WARRIOR, and TURBO, with guaranteed prize pools.

Become a mega champion in our boosted prize pool Sunday tournaments, including the HIGH ROLLER and MONTHLY MAIN EVENT!

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