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Posted By KKPoker | 2023-09-12









After the record-breaking 3rd Anniversary KKPOKER DIAMOND GLORY, this week saw more thrilling online tournament poker action take place with the return of the GLORY CLASSIC, a traditional Texas Hold’em No-Limit poker tournament, with a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool!

450 unique poker players entered looking to boost their KKPoker bankroll and become the tournament champion!

With three lucky poker players left battling for a top prize above $8,000, ‘825_KID’ found the luck they had been hoping for…

kakakaka’ raised to 400K from the Button with blinds at 80K/160K and decided to call after ‘825_KID’ had moved all in from the Big Blind for 3.4M.

‘ kakakaka’ held K♣ Q♣ & ‘825_KID’ was ahead with A♣ 9♥. The board fell 9♦ 4♣ 7♥ 3♥ 5♥ and ‘825_KID’ held to reverse the chip holdings.

‘kakakaka’ was looking for a spot to make their move and attempt the double-up. Their chance came from the Small Blind when holding K♣ 8♥ and they moved all in for 20BB. ‘SugarDaddy’ was in the Big Blind with a 6.7M stack and snap-called holding A♣ J♥.

The A♠ Q♣ 8♦ flop put ‘SugarDaddy’ further into the lead with top pair, but ‘kakakaka’ held hope.

The 10♦ turn gave ‘ kakakaka’ additional outs for a straight, but the 6♣ on the river was no help to them, and ‘kakakaka’ departed in 3rd place for a $4,555 payday.

‘SugarDaddy’ had a 2-1 chip lead over ‘825_KID’ at the start of heads-up, holding 10.9M against 5.2M, but the tables turned after just a few hands…

With blinds at 100K/200K, ‘825_KID’ raised to 400K with K♣ 9♠, and called for 1.1M after ‘SugarDaddy’ had 3-bet holding A♥ 5♣. The flop fell 10♦ 7♠ 2♦, and ‘SugarDaddy’ check-called an 800K bet before the 8♦ hit on the turn. Both players checked and the J♦ appeared on the river.

‘SugarDaddy’ bet 1.9M with an ace-high holding. ‘825_KID’ moved all in for 3.5M and ‘SugarDaddy’ gave up the pot.

The next series of hands were uneventful, but ‘SugarDaddy’ was able to pull themselves back into the chip lead after several small pot victories. With momentum on their side, ‘SugarDaddy’ found J♦ J♠ on the Button and raised to 528K.

‘825_KID’ 3-bet to 2.1M holding A♠ 10♦. However, ‘SugarDaddy’ wasn’t going anywhere and 4-bet all in for 8.8M.

‘825_KID’ had another 5.5M behind and wasted no time in making the call, putting their poker tournament life on the line.

The K♠ Q♦ 6♥ flop was an interesting one, keeping ‘SugarDaddy’ in the lead but also giving ‘825_KID’ the gutshot straight draw.

‘SugarDaddy’ was just two cards away from victory and to their relief saw the 4♥ turn and 2♥ river retain their leading position and the trophy alongside a $8,601 top prize, with ‘825_KID’ earning $6,048 as runner-up.

Ranking Nickname Reward
1 SugarDaddy $8,601
2 825_KID $6,048
3 kakakaka $4,555
4 スケッベ $3,489
5 ぱすも $2,728
6 kk243410 $2,155
7 Oldparr77 $1,724
8 反射板 $1,401
9 トルタン $1,157



124 unique Texas hold’em lovers battled in the $30K HIGH ROLLER on Sunday, 10 September with PKO bounties also up for grabs!

Former champion 'OWAKEN' once again found themselves on the final table, but was unable to secure another podium position after departing in 5th place for $1,639, having collected 4 bounty prizes.

six6’ was the short stack of the remaining 4 players, with only 5BB. ‘○おきんたま’ raised to 150K from Under the Gun holding 7♠ 7 with blinds at 30K/60K, and ‘ayata’ called K♥ Q♥ on the Button. ‘six6’ moved all in for 320K with K♠ 9♠, and ‘○おきんたま’ thought on their decision before moving all in for 1.4M. ‘ayata’ had 943K behind, and needed to use a timebank before they decided to call all-in.

‘○おきんたま’ was aiming for the double KO and the 4♥ 6♠ 10♠ flop fell in their favor, although ‘six6’ had picked up the flush draw, and '○おきんたま’ had a backdoor flush draw, plus two over cards.

The J♥ on the turn also gave ‘○おきんたま’ a flush draw, plus outs to the straight, and ‘ayata’ was unable to hold on the river, after the 10♥ appeared.

‘six6’ was eliminated in 4th place for $2,222, and ‘○おきんたま’, who had already secured a massive 14 KOs, only had 5BB remaining.

There was also drama in the very next hand with ‘○おきんたま’ in the Big Blind. ‘〆しめじ〆’ min-raised to 120K from the Small Blind with 5♦ 3♦ and called after ‘○おきんたま’ had moved all in for 300K with K♣ 5♠.

The J♦ 4♠ 4♦ flop gave ‘〆しめじ〆’ a flush draw and they saw the perfect card on the K♦ turn. The 2♦ river sealed the pot for ‘〆しめじ〆 ’ and ‘○おきんたま’ exited in 3rd place for $4,301.

‘〆しめじ〆’ held the slight chip advantage head-up, but ‘ayata’ was able to bring the chip stacks level in the opening hand battles.

‘〆しめじ〆’ then came back and asserted some pressure to secure a 2 to 1 chip lead once again. Both players were showing patience but ultimately something had to give.

With blinds at 40K/80K, ‘〆しめじ〆’ raised to 160K on the Button with 9♣ 7♣.

‘ayata’ 3-bet to 440K with A♦ J♥, and ‘〆しめじ〆’ called.

‘ayata’ bet 400K on the 8♥ 7♥ 6♠ flop, and ‘〆しめじ〆’ called.

On the 10 turn, ‘ayata’ moved all in for 1.1M and ’〆しめじ〆’ snap-called holding the straight.

‘ayata’ needed a 9 on the river to win the pot, but the 5♥ peeled off and their fate was sealed for a runner-up reward of $4,765, with ‘〆しめじ〆’ declared the champion for a very nice prize of $7,559.

Ranking Nickname Reward Bounty Total
1 〆しめじ〆 $3,709 $3,850 $7,559
2 ayata $3,708 $1,057 $4,765
3 ○おきんたま $2,273 $2,028 $4,301
4 six6 $1,670 $551 $2,222
5 OWAKEN $1,240 $399 $1,639
6  Lindinha $932 $799 $1,731
7 Sarah.K $713 $461 $1,174
8  TiltedDealer $556 $450 $1,006
9  kk452599 $444 $90 $534



The brand-new $50K + $3K SUPER BOUNTY made its debut in the KKPoker online tournament schedule!  Players that eliminate a Special Bounty earn an instant $100 bonus! The new tournament will run on the second Sunday of every month at 01:00 GMT.

The tournament also features a new BUBBLE PROTECTION. If you are the Bubble Boy/Girl, you will earn FREE entry into the next SUPER BOUNTY MTT and become a special bounty guest.

The $50 buy-in tournament saw 784 unique players take part. When down to the final 4, ‘shinsen’ raised to 440K from Under the Gun holding 6♣ 6♦ with blinds at 100K/200K. ‘CarpamHanna’ called from the Small Blind with 9♥ 7♣ and ‘iced animals’ called with 4♣ 4♠.

The flop fell 4♥ 5♣ 8♣. ‘CarpamHanna’ bet 960K, ‘iced animals’ called, and ‘shinsen’ moved all in for 3.6M.

‘CarpamHanna’ called, and then called a total 5.7M all in from ‘iced animals’.

‘iced animals’ was in the lead with bottom set, and hit a full house on the 5♠ turn. The 10♥ on the river changed nothing, and ‘shinsen’ was eliminated.

The final 3 were about to become the final 2 in the very next hand…

‘CarpamHanna’ raised to 500K on the Button with Q♦ J♣, ‘iced animals’ only called with A♥ A♦, and ‘U字’ folded. ‘iced animals’ checked on the J♥ 9♥ 3♠ flop, and ‘CarpamHanna’ bet 860K. ‘iced animals’ raised to 1.9M, and received a call.

On the 4♣ turn, and with 5.1M in the pot, ‘CarpamHanna’ had a chip stack of 5.8M. ‘iced animals’ moved all in for 14.1M and ‘CarpamHanna’ called with top pair.

‘iced animals’ slow preflop play with pocket aces seemed to have worked, and after the 10♠ hit on the river, they won the pot, with ‘CarpamHanna’ exiting in 3rd place.

‘U字’ only had a 4.6M stack and was far behind the 24.5M held by ‘iced animals’.

‘U字’ was given hope when they secured a double up in a flip holding pocket 3s against Ace-Queen, but in the next hand that hope was to fade away…

‘U字’ raised to 500K with A♦ 6♠, and ‘iced animals’ called with K♦ 9♣, before hitting trips on the K♠ K♣ 4♣ flop. ‘iced animals’ check-called a 530K bet and the 6♥ hit on the turn.

‘iced animals’ check-raised a 1.1M bet to 2.3M and received a call.

On the 8 river, ‘iced animals’ moved all in for 18M. ‘U字’ had a stack of 4.4M and called without hesitation holding two pair, only to see the bad news.

‘U字’ received a runners-up prize of $3,191, while champion ‘iced animals’ had the treat of a $6,671 payday.

Ranking Nickname Reward Bounty Total
1 iced animals $2,637 $4,034 $6,671
2 U字 $2,632 $559 $3,191
3 CarpamHanna $1,618 $1,293 $2,911
4 shinsen $1,193 $1,507 $2,699
5 Kumaemon $889 $734 $1,623
6 モチオ $671 $739 $1,410
7 ちゃんマン $516 $682 $1,198
8  鎌倉 $405 $275 $681
9 スケッベ $326 $263 $589


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