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Wall of Fame: 11 - 17 Sept

Posted By KKPoker | 2023-09-19

KKPoker Wall Of Fame

Looking for poker cash prizes in Texas Hold’em PKO tournaments? KKPoker’s epic weekend poker tournament schedule is perfect for you!  

Check out some of our biggest poker cash prize winners this week! Including a massive HIGH ROLLER top prize of over $20,000!








Former KKPoker HIGH ROLLER champion ‘OWAKEN’ battled through a field of 379 poker enthusiasts to win the KKPoker $50K GLORY PKO on Sunday, 17 September.

With 3 players remaining and blinds at 80K/160K, ‘OWAKEN’ was the big stack with 10.3M, and raised to 3.2M from the Button holding K♦ 8♣. ‘ha8p’ folded in the Small Blind and ‘bobzothejock’, who had a chip stack worth 7 Big Blinds, called holding 3♣ 3♦, and it was a classic texas hold’em poker flip to see who would win the pot.

The flop fell K♠ 7♣ 2♠ and ‘OWAKEN’ hit top pair to lead. The J♦ hit on the turn, meaning ‘ bobzothejock’ only had two outs and needed to see a 3 appear on the river to survive. But the final card was revealed to be the 6♣, and ‘ bobzothejock’ exited with a $4,027 prize.

‘OWAKEN’ had a huge heads-up chip advantage with 11.5M compared to 1.4M for experienced poker final table player ‘ha8p’.

The first 6 heads-up hands saw both players move all in preflop multiple times, but neither opponent was willing to call.

‘ha8p’ saw their chip stack fall further but did secure a double-up. However, they were still at a huge disadvantage.

Just a few hands later, ‘ha8p’ found more hope! ‘OWAKEN’ moved all in holding 7♣ 7♥, and ‘ha8p. called with A♥ A♣. The board held for ‘ha8p’ and they doubled up again.

Two hands later, there was more drama…

‘OWAKEN’ raised to 368K with J♣ J♦ and ‘ha8p’ three-bet to 1.1M with 10♥ 10♠. ‘OWAKEN’ raised to 4.4M and ‘ha8p’ called for 3.5M total.

It was a cooler high poker pocket pair situation, and ‘OWAKEN’ needed to hold for victory. The Q♦ 9♣ 3♣ flop was safe, and the J♥ on the turn gave them three-of-a-kind. ‘ha8p’ needed to hit a straight on the river, but the 2♠ did not help them.

‘ha8p’ added a poker cash prize of $4,759 to their KKPoker wallet, while ‘OWAKEN’ secured a $8,563 payday and a collectable KKPoker Honor Frame to display their achievement!



The KKPoker HIGH ROLLER took place with a boosted $75,000 guaranteed prize pool, which was exceeded with a total $82,800 prize pool created!

The $500 buy-in is the largest featured on the KKPoker tournament schedule, but there were plenty of satellite tournament opportunities for poker players of all levels to qualify for this top-value poker tournament.

136 unique players battled and the final 3 were ‘mTkk’, ‘YesPlease’, and ‘ろろ’.

With blinds at 40K/80K, both ‘mTkk’ and ‘ろろ’ had a 1.2M chip stack, while ‘YesPlease’ led with 2.9M.

‘YesPlease’ dominated and extended their lead to 3.6M, with both their opponents looking for spots to move all in for the double-up attempt.

The chance final came for ‘mTkk’ on the Button and they moved all in for 10 BB with 4♠ 4♦. ‘ろろ’ called with A♠ Q♠ and ‘YesPlease’ folded.

‘ろろ’ picked up the nut flush draw on the K♠ 8♠ 2♥ flop, and hit the flush on the 10♠ turn. ‘mTkk’ was drawing dead to the 8♥ river and departed in 3rd place for $7,747 after picking up 8 PKO eliminations throughout the HIGH ROLLER MTT.

‘YesPlease’ continued their aggression at the start of heads-up and moved up to 4.2M with ‘ろろ’ dropping down to 1.1M, but all was about to change...

With blinds at 50K/100K, ‘YesPlease’ called on the Button holding the strong pocket pair of Q♦ Q♠, which allowed ‘ろろ’ to check with 4♣ 2♠. The flop fell A♠ 5♥ 3♦, which gave ‘ろろ’ a shock straight.

‘ろろ’ check-raised a 100K bet to 250K, and ‘YesPlease’ called. ‘ろろ’ bet 243K on the J♣ turn, and ‘YesPlease’ again called. On the 6♣ river, ‘ろろ’ moved all in for 626K with 1.2M in the pot, and ‘YesPlease’ called and saw the bad news that their holding was second best.

A few hands later, ‘YesPlease’ raised to 200K with Q♣ J♣ and called a 500K three-bet from ‘ろろ’ who held A♣ 6♦. ‘YesPlease’ then called a 257K continuation bet on the K♦ 10♥ 3♠ flop, before the 5♥ appeared on the turn. Both players checked and the 7♦ hit on the river. ‘ろろ’ bet 950K with Ace high and won the pot to lead after ‘YesPlease’ folded’.

The battle continued for several hands, with ‘ろろ’ able to keep the chip lead before the final KO came…

‘ろろ’ moved all in for 4.2M with A♣ 9♥ and ‘YesPlease’ called for 12BB with K♦ J♠. ‘ろろ’ was five cards away from victory, and the first 3 fell in their favor with A♦ 10♥ 7♠. ‘YesPlease’ held the gutshot straight draw and needed to see a Queen appear, but the 2♠ hit on the turn and the 2♥ followed on the river.

‘YesPlease’ earned a prize of $11,156 as runner-up, and ‘ろろ’ collected $20,939 as the HIGH ROLLER champion after an impressive 14 PKO eliminations.



kerry’ defeated KKPoker Brazil Twitch Poker Streamer Caio Bras heads-up to win the KKPoker WARM-UP for the second time in 2 months!

179 unique players bought in for $100 in the $25,000 guaranteed prize pool tournament.

kk600239’ was the chip leader with 3 players remaining but short stack ‘kerry’ managed to double up when holding two pair.

‘kk600239’ then took a massive hit after a bad beat. With blinds at 40K/80K, ‘kerry’ raised to 160K on the button with 7-9 offsuit, ‘Caio_Bras_SP’ shoved for 1.5M with A♥ 8♠ and ‘kk600239’ called from the Big Blind with A♦ K♥ before ‘kerry’ folded.

The board ran out 8♣ 3♥ 10♠ 6d 8♦ to give ‘Caio_Bras_SP’ trips and the double up, with ‘kk600239’ left with only 4BB.

'kk600239' was eliminated in the next hand after moving all in from the Small Blind with J♣ 3♠ and ultimately losing against K♣ 2♣ held by ‘kerry’ in the Big Blind.

The heads-up starting stacks were almost perfectly even, so all was to play for!

Just a few hands passed and then ‘Caio_Bras_SP’ called on the Button for 80K with 8♥ 4♦. ‘kerry’ raised to 200K with 6♦ 5♦ and received the call. The flop fell 5♠ 2♦ 3♥ and both players checked to see the A♣ turn.

‘Caio_Bras_SP’ now held a straight and bet 384K after ‘kerry’ had checked, and the latter called.

A crazy 4♥ on the river put a straight on the board, but ‘kerry’ now held the higher straight.

With 1.2M in the pot, ‘kerry’ bet 914K. ‘Caio_Bras_SP’ raised all in for 2.5M and ‘kerry’ called. It was all over in dramatic circumstances, with ‘Caio_Bras_SP’ receiving $3,778 and ‘kerry’ once again crowned champion for $4,950.


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