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Posted By KKPoker | 2023-10-02


Calling poker lovers! Looking for poker cash prizes in Texas Hold’em PKO tournaments? KKPoker’s epic weekend poker tournament schedule is perfect for you!  

Check out some of our biggest poker cash prize winners this week! Including the return of the monthly $100,000 SUPER GLORY PKO!









The first Sunday of every month at online poker platform KKPoker is special, with the massive $100,000 guaranteed prize pool SUPER GLORY PKO taking place.

Played in Texas Hold'em format with a progressive knockout bounty (PKO) structure, over 600 poker players battled to win a huge poker cash profit!

With the action down to the final three players, 'kk272914', '上州虎’ and 'No.2.' remained in contention for the SUPER GLORY title.

'上州虎’ raised to 1M with Blinds at 200K/400K holding Q♥ J♥. 'No.2.' opted to fold A♥ 4♣ in the Small Blind and 'kk272914' moved all in for 4.2M from the Big Blind holding A♠ 3♥, and was called by '上州虎', who had a 9.2M chip stack.

The J♣ 4♦ 2♥ flop put '上州虎' into the lead with top pair. The 7♣ turn changed nothing, and the 2♠ on the river sealed the fate for 'kk272914', who departed in 3rd place for a bankroll boosting $6,259.

With the final PKO poker bounty to be claimed, '上州虎' started heads-up with the slight chip advantage, playing 13.3M vs. 12.4M.

The chips went back and forth between the two players before a pivotal hand occurred.

‘上州虎’ raised to 1M with A♦ 4♠, and ‘No.2.’called holding 9♦ 7♠. The flop fell 10♦ 8♦ 6♦, giving 'No.2.' a straight and '上州虎' the nut flush draw. 'No.2.' check-raised a 1.1M bet to 2.9M. '上州虎’moved all in for 13.5M and 'No.2.’called.

'上州虎' needed to hit a flush, but the J♣ turn and 6♠ river were unable to make it happen, allowing 'No.2.' to double up and '上州虎’ was left with 7 big blinds.

A few hands later, '上州虎' moved all in for 9 BB with A♦ J♥, and 'No.2.' called with K♥ 8♠. The flop fell 8♣ 3♥ 3♠. The 9♠ turn meant 'No.2.' was just 1 card away from victory, and it was sealed on the 2♣ river.

'上州虎’ departed as runner-up with a $10,518 prize, and 'No.2.' was number 1 for the SUPER GLORY title and a $13,735 winner's prize.

Ranking Nickname Reward Bounty Total
1 No.2. $8,524 $5,211 $13,735
2 上州虎 $8,513 $2,006 $10,518
3 kk272914 $5,219 $1,040 $6,259
4  打賭果醬 $3,835 $740 $4,575
5 ゆすけ $2,846 $852 $3,699
6 ReBuy兵長 $2,141 $844 $2,985
7 zaza26 $1,636 $798 $2,435
8 賢者タイム $1,276 $1,042 $2,318
9 bjman86 $1,019 $747 $1,766


The KKPoker HIGH ROLLER weekly tournament sees the toughest poker competitors face off for a share of a guaranteed $30,000 prize pool.

123 unique players participated in the Texas Hold'em PKO event, with the winner earning over $6,000!

'パンチ!' was the short stack 3-handed and looking for a spot to double up. With blinds at 40K/80K, 'パンチ!' raised to 640K holding K♦ 8♦, and left themselves with 70K chips. 'pautorreti' moved all in with K♣ Q♠, and 'パンチ!' called.

'pautorreti' held the advantage and managed to keep their lead on the 7♣ 9♠ 4♥ 6♠ Q♣ board.

'パンチ!' exited in 3rd place for a $2,727 prize for their deep run.

'theNERDguy' quickly brought the chip stacks to almost even at the start of heads-up, but 'pautorreti' persevered to create a 2 to 1 lead.

With blinds at 50K/100K, 'theNERDguy' called on the Button with A♠ 7♣ and then called an all-in from 'pautorreti' who held J♦ 10♣. The flop was interesting with 6♠ 7♥ 8♦ appearing. The 8♠ hit on the turn, and 'theNERDguy' managed to hold on via the A♣ river to double up, and took a bigger chip lead just minutes later.

'pautorreti' raised to 300K with J♥ 7♥ after 'theNERDguy' had limped on the Button. The latter called the raise with Q♣ J♦, and the flop fell A♣ 10♦ 8♦. 'theNERDguy' called a 240K bet and hit a straight on the K♦ turn. 'pautorreti' continued to bluff bet for 500K and 'theNERDguy' called.

'pautorreti' checked on the 10♣ river and then folded after 'theNERDguy' bet 1.3M all in.

And just 2 hands later, the poker battle was all over.

'theNERDguy' called for 100K holding A♠ J♣ and then called a 1.4M all in from 'pautorreti' who held K♠ 3♣.

'theNERDguy' hit second pair on the Q♣ J♥ 9♣ flop and 'pautorreti' needed to improve to a better pair or straight to survive. But the 5♠ turn, and Q♠ river were no help, and 'pautorreti' exited as runner-up for $5,340.

'theNERDguy' was declared the HIGH ROLLER champion and improved their KKPoker balance by an extra $6,657.

Ranking Nickname Reward Bounty Total
1 theNERDguy $3,403 $3,254 $6,657
2  pautorreti $3,402 $1,938 $5,340
3 パンチ! $2,086 $641 $2,727
4 mTkk $1,533 $1,131 $2,663
5 まきばお $1,138 $191 $1,329
6  kk482683 $856 $315 $1,171
7 ソマリッチ $654 $248 $901
8 Takanota-Nakazaka $510 $248 $758
9 Agusamc $407 $45 $452


龍拳’ was the victor in the $25K GLORY WARM-UP after overseeing the 188 player field.

kouta1505’ exited in 3rd place for $1,788 after a very unfortunate river card. With blinds at 30K/60K, ‘龍拳’ raised to 138K on the Button with A♦ 6♠. ‘The-Punisher’ moved all in for 1.6M from the Small Blind holding 5♠ 5♦, and ‘kouta1505’ called for 920K holding 7♦ 7♥, before ‘龍拳’ folded.

‘kouta1505’ was in a strong position to double up and held their lead on the Q♦ 8♦ K♣ flop. The 9♦ was a safe turn, but when the 5♣ miraculously appeared on the river, ‘kouta1505’ was cruelly eliminated.

The heads-up battle saw both players’ chip stacks move up and down, but the first hand of major significance happened to be the tournament’s last…

With blinds at 30K/60K, ‘龍拳’ raised to 138K holding J♥ 9♥, and ‘The-Punisher’ called with 9♣ 7♣.

The flop fell J♣ 8♣ 6♦. ‘The-Punisher’ check-raised a 99K bet to 356K, and received a call from ‘龍拳’. ‘The-Punisher’ bet 740K on the 3♠ turn, and ‘龍拳’ called.

On the Q♦ river, and with 2.5M in the pot, ‘The-Punisher’ bluffed all in for 1.3M, and ‘龍拳’ called with second pair.

‘The-Punisher’ was awarded $3,323 in 2nd place and the champion ‘龍拳’ banked a bankroll boosting $5,706.

Ranking Nickname Reward Bounty Total
1 龍拳 $2,533 $3,173 $5,706
$2,532 $792 $3,323
3 kouta1505 $1,552 $236 $1,788
4 ENCERIO $1,141 $783 $1,923
5 tomochin $847 $435 $1,282
6 鬼博 $637 $202 $839
7 0h24 $487 $23 $509
8 RYKEY🔥 $380 $256 $635
9 yy8888 $303 $135 $438


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