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Champions Arise From Japan!

Posted By KKPoker | 2024-04-12

Champions Arise From Japan!

KKPoker MARCH MILLIONS was our first major online series, boasting a massive $2,000,000+ in guaranteed prize pools!

15 special tournaments, each with the added reward of an exclusive champions' Honor Medal, delivered directly to the winner's homes. 

Winning any poker tournament takes skills, but becoming a champion in the biggest events is possible only for a few people. 

KKPoker discussed the amazing achievements of 3 of our champions hailing from Japan, a country with a fast-growing love for poker. 

Read on to learn how they became champions, key hands, thought processes, and what is next for these poker champions!



Soma Nomura: Event #2 $200K GLORY

Shion Onishi: Event #15 $300K MYSTERY GLORY



Meet SEKAI, the very first KKPoker March Millions champion!

A dedicated online poker enthusiast who has been honing his poker tournament skills for the past three years, he battled through a tough field to win Event #1 $100K EMERALD PKO.

While some poker players may find it challenging to define their relationship with poker, whether recreational or professional, SEKAI defines it as "While I'm awake, I always play poker."

Despite only learning the rules of Texas Hold'em poker in 2021, SEKAI has quickly found his rightful place in the poker community, having learned of the KKPoker app through Japanese media.

When SEKAI is not grinding the tournament tables, he is an avid player of one of KKPoker's most popular cash games!

"My favorite is FLASH-NLH because it's the most played game type, and I don't have to wait for the hands."

The March Millions showcased the biggest poker tournament guaranteed prize pools that KKPoker had ever offered, leading to record-breaking results. For SEKAI, the opportunity was unmissable.

"It's a very dreamy event! A low buy-in can become huge prizes, and the $300,000 GTD Mystery Bounty tournament was particularly attractive."

Poker tournaments are full of twists and turns, but for SEKAI he was modest enough to review his performance.

"I didn't make any big mistakes; I was lucky from start to finish, and I kept winning by going all in. The memorable hand was the last one. I went all in with AQs against an open, and my opponent called with KTs."

SEKAI said he would display his Honor Medal on his poker desk and added, "Medals, trophies, and certificates are always good options for online poker platforms to offer players as motivation and bonus rewards."

SEKAI will now continue on his pursuit of online glory, stating his next goal is to have a high winning rate at a high level on KKPoker.

"KKPoker is very easy to play and has a lot of events. Winning poker is fun!"

SEKAI's advice for future tournament players: "Health management, mental strength, and luck."


Soma Nomura: Event #2 $200K GLORY

Introducing rising poker star and Event #2 $200K GLORY champion Soma Nomura.

With just 18 months of poker knowledge, Soma has quickly made a name for himself during March Millions, having joined the KKPoker community from the JR Tsukamoto live poker room.

Soma dedicates his poker sessions to MTTs and gets his poker pleasure from "Knocking out opponents and winning bounty prizes."

Like many poker fans in 2024, Soma has enjoyed the rise of Mystery Bounty tournaments, which is a big reason for his March Millions participation.

"The biggest reason to play March Millions was the high prizes! Also, Mystery Bounty is very attractive, so I wish KKPoker could have it daily."

Despite his experience, Soma confidently describes himself as "An amateur player, but my skill is at a professional level.

"During the tournament, My play was almost perfect. The best part was my bet sizing for value and bluffing during Heads-Up. I thought I was a genius, even if I say so myself haha.

"I'm happy with the Honor medal! I will make it like a necklace and wear it !"

Soma now plans to continue playing online and live poker and "Strives to be the best on KKPoker! My motto is always being a chip leader and getting first prize.

"I often join the KKPoker-sponsored live WOLF at Karuta Poker Room. I think the staff are very nice, so I love it! The area where I want to have a new live event is Hyogo prefecture. Bring it on anytime!😁"

Soma's advice for future poker players: "It's about feeling! I think this is very important in poker and even for life."

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Shion Onishi: Event #15 $300K MYSTERY GLORY

Shion Onishi is a recreational poker player with over four years in the game. He focuses on learning and improving in NLH and recently became the final March Millions 2024 champion in Event #15 $300K MYSTERY GLORY.  

Having learned poker at the River Poker Room in Kyoto, Shion joined the KKPoker online community and participated in the March Millions in a bid to win a 'big tournament'.

"The biggest reason for participating was to get results in a big online tournament, and the $300,000 GTD MYSTERY GLORY was a big tournament with a $30,000 top bounty prize, so it was the tournament I wanted to win the most.

"My most memorable hand was when the CO opened with 5 players remaining. I defended my BB with 63s. The flop was Ah 5d 2s. I checked-called a 2BB bet and hit a straight on the 4d Turn

"After the Ks river, all our chips were in the middle. My opponent had 3d3h. I'll never forget how good it felt to double up with the higher straight. 

"This one hand gave me nearly 50% of the total chips, made me a chip leader, and got me very close to winning. The last hand that clinched the victory was also 63o, which I don't usually play, but I felt some destiny with this hand.

"Looking back on the win, I think I played well from beginning to end, with both aggressive and tight play styles, which made it difficult for anyone to exploit."

kkpoker honor medal

Shion also advocates for physical prizes in online poker and believes participating in tournaments for medals and trophies is a compelling prospect and aids his motivation.

Despite his huge achievement, Shion recognizes his opponents' skills and now aims to challenge for online and live poker victories consistently.

"My goal is to win a major title and get good results overseas. In online poker, I want to win many games and become known as a good player.

"My hometown is Kyoto, so I'd be delighted if a KKLIVE event were held there. It would contribute to the local poker community."

Shion in live poker action

Shion in live poker action

KKPoker aims to offer the best online poker app experience for all types of poker players and is delighted to help players like Shion feel welcomed and celebrated in the poker community.

"Until now, I played poker because I loved it, but from the moment I won, I received many celebratory messages from people, including poker friends and KKPoker players watching the game. It touched me, and I realized how precious the connection with people is. It was a day when I felt a lot of warmth.

"I love poker because it allows you to connect with people even if you don't know them, just because you share the same interests.

"The most attractive point of poker is that it can change your world in one day, and I think many people are drawn to it, so they start playing poker with dreams. Poker may change your world tomorrow, so enjoy playing poker !"



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