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Brazilian Boys Get The Honors!

Posted By KKPoker | 2024-04-19

Brazilian Boys Get The Honors!

KKPoker discussed the amazing achievements of 3 of our Japanese champions during the inaugural 2024 MARCH MILLIONS, and now we have another 4 champions, all from Brazil, sharing their poker stories, including SNOWAY, the March Millions Player of the Series and winner of the 24-carat KKPoker Gold coin worth over $2,000!


Samuel Ramos: #3 $5K BRONZE PKO


Antônio Albuquerque: #8 $10K PLO CLASSIC

Bruno Mattos: #9 $100K + $3K BOUNTY


Samuel Ramos: #3 $5K BRONZE PKO

Meet the first of our Brazilian quadruple of champions, Samuel Ramos, winner of Event #3 $5K BRONZE PKO.

With just 18 months of online poker experience, despite considering himself a recreational player with much still to learn, Ramos' dedication shines through as he immerses himself in the game almost every day after work, in both MTTs and Cash games. 

"The variety and opportunities in March Millions and its attractive prizes motivated me to join. At the beginning of Event #3, I played cautiously but encountered some bad luck that left me with a few chips. Forced to play aggressively, I managed to turn things around. It was a tough battle against the odds, especially when I reached the final table with the shortest stack, but I made my moves count with a little luck on my side.

"An Honor Medal to commemorate my achievements is definitely a great motivator. I'll proudly display it on my shelf among my other achievements."

All poker players will agree that reaching a final table is a great honor, but to join as the player with the least chips and battle back for victory is not to be taken lightly! 

Samuel, who uses popular poker study methods such as Twitch, found his way to KKPoker via YouTube and now has high hopes for his future in poker!

"I dream of making a living from poker, but there's still much to learn. I'll chase this dream relentlessly. I haven't had the opportunity to play at KKLIVE yet, but I've always wanted to do it."

Samuel's advice to poker players: "Stay focused and resilient. Don't lose sight of your goals and seize every opportunity."


Congratulations to Event #6 $50K 6MAX BOUNTY winner & 2024 Player of the Series, SNOWAY

During the 2024 March Millions, Snoway achieved 1 victory and many more series cashes to win the Leaderboard and the one-of-a-kind 24-carat gold KKPoker Coin worth over $2,000!

With over 10 years of poker experience and six years as a professional player, Snoway was always going to be a player to be feared at the KKPoker March Millions tables. 

Snoway's expertise and dedication are evident in their daily grind at the poker tables. Favoring the adrenaline rush of MTTs, Snoway finds solace and excitement in the intricate dynamics of tournament play. Their journey with KKPoker commenced in late 2021, and since then they have become a regular champion.  

With Snoway looking to take full advantage of the March Millions offerings, they had to adapt to make their dreams come true!

"During the tournament, I played in the morning, which is unusual for me, but it was smooth. In the final stretch, I managed to accumulate a lot of chips and put pressure on opponents, which allowed me to clinch the victory.

"Having a permanent Honor Medal and POTS Gold Coin is extra motivation. I plan to display it prominently in my office, next to my poker computer."

KKPoker online satellites and KKLIVE events give poker players of all abilities a chance to qualify for live poker, something Snoway has experienced and is looking to do even more. 

"I plan to continue playing regularly online and participate in more live tournaments if the opportunity arises. Thanks to KKPoker, I have already participated in a live event and plan to participate again if possible. It would be a dream to play in the biggest live poker event in Las Vegas."

Snoway's advice to poker players: "Study the final stages of the tournament, stay calm, and don't let anxiety take over."

Snoway and every KKPoker player will have the chance to win a $13,500 poker package to play in Las Vegas this summer via the Vegas Dream event. Learn more here

Antônio Albuquerque: #8 $10K PLO CLASSIC

NLH might be the well-known poker format in both live and online poker, but Omaha has long been a game with a huge fan base! Antônio Albuquerque has been a poker player for over 10 years and describes himself as 'somewhere in between' recreational and professional status. 

A self-confessed lover of both 4-card and 5-card PLO, he showed his skills during Event #8 $10K PLO CLASSIC to become KKPoker's first champion in this format!

Having joined the growing KKPoker PLO fanbase 2 years ago, he set his sights on the boosted PLO tournament prize pools during March Millions and battled to victory to earn an Honor Medal. 

"I love trophies! I'll put it alongside my other trophies!" said Antônio. 

Antônio's simple goal in poker is to play even more, both online at KKPoker and in the many live opportunities that Brazil has to offer. 

And how about Las Vegas

"Yes, if KKPoker takes me, I would definitely go!" said Antônio.

Bruno Mattos: #9 $100K + $3K BOUNTY

Meet Bruno Mattos, a dedicated professional poker player whose journey into the game began at 18 but intensified approximately four years ago, evolving into a daily pursuit. 

Bruno now plays poker 5-days a week, focusing on his favorite hunt for bounty prizes in MTTs. 

But poker tournaments do not always go to plan. Bruno took an early knock in Event #9 $100K + $3K BOUNTY, and was eliminated. However, he decided to try again, and his persistence paid off, leading to his name being written in the KKPoker champion's history books. 

"The tournament was full of emotions and a rollercoaster ride until the final table." Said Bruno. 

Bruno was in for an extra surprise when he realized he had won an exclusive KKPoker Honor Medal. 

"I wasn't aware I had won the Medal initially, but I was very happy when I learned I would receive it. I've never won anything like that in poker before. I want to show it to my family and friends proudly."

When asked about his future poker plans and thoughts on the KKPoker Vegas Dream promotion, Bruno said: "I hope to continue supporting my family through online poker and gradually move up the limits. KKPoker is the fastest-growing platform in Brazil, with great guarantees and a good field to play with

"Live poker is not my plan this year, but I would love to. It would be an honor. I believe it's every poker player's dream to go to Vegas."

Bruno's poker tip: "Don't give up until the end and play as many tournaments in the series as possible."


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