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Online Poker Top Tips

Posted By KKPoker | 2021-12-02

Online Poker Top Tips

Learning online poker strategy is essential to progression and improving your poker skills.

Whether you are a poker beginner or an experienced player, there will always be factors to consider to ensure your success and enjoyment continues.

Here we discuss the most important things to consider when playing online poker, especially as a beginner. KKPoker offers a wide selection of SNGs, MTTs and Cash Games featuring NLH, PLO, OFC, AOF, 6+ and more!

Read on for essential tips and advice for online poker success!


Online poker games are available to play in a variety of formats. At KKPoker, we offer classic and modern poker formats such as NLH, PLO, OFC, 6+, SpinUp, and AOF.

You should play all the poker formats to find out which you enjoy most and then base your future study on the game specifics. Many of the online poker tips you will read today can be applied to all poker games, but it is vital to understand how each game differs based on the rules and format.

It is also important to consider game cost and ensure you practise good bankroll management and only play with funds you can afford to lose to keep your games fun.

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In tournament poker, volume can ultimately decide your results.

Volume refers to the number of tournaments you play. In tournaments, an average player is expected to cash approximately 20% of the time. Therefore the number of tournaments you play can dictate how many cashes you achieve. The more cashes you earn, the more opportunity to make a deep run by reaching the final table and ultimately winning the big tournament prizes that generally sit in the top 3 places.

Furthermore, the more poker you play, the most experienced you will become. Practice makes perfect.

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Playing online poker is easy to do, especially at KKPoker, where you can experience mobile poker anytime, anywhere with a great selection of games!

Make sure to plan and prepare to ensure you have the best chance of success.

Your preparation should include:

· Game choice and MTTs start times

· Food and drinks (you don’t want to be hungry when concentrating!)

· Bankroll (ensure you have the funds you need)


Focus on your ability to understand the game dynamics, which will greatly improve your online poker performance.

Playing online poker allows you the option to play multiple games at once, and although it may be difficult to see every action at the tables, try to learn as much as you can about your opponents, such as their raise sizes and hand ranges at showdown. This advice is especially important for cash games as your opponents are less likely to change compared to tournaments.

Poker is also a game of patience due to the randomness of the dealing sequence. It may take a while to find a good situation to win chips, but it is more important to wait than force the issue and find yourself with a difficult decision.


Poker is a game of position, and that means understanding the card combinations that should and should not be played while in a certain position at the poker table.

Hand range refers to the card combinations that are best played from each position.

For example, the first player to act preflop is called Under The Gun (UTG) and is also referred to as early position. As this player must act first before all their opponents, their hand range must reflect this. Therefore the range of hands they can raise is much lower compared to other positions.

Note: UTG raising hand range is only approx. 11%

Understanding hand ranges will vastly help with the decisions you make, both preflop and postflop.

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If you aim to play aggressive, continuation betting is a simple starting point. A continuation bet occurs when the preflop raiser makes the first bet postflop.

A continuation bet applies pressure on your opponent and is a key way to win the pot, even if your hand did not connect with the flop. You have already shown aggression and strength by raising preflop, which is why a continuation bet is a powerful tool, as it again represents a strong holding.

If your opponent calls your continuation bet, you can decide whether to continue your aggressive approach if the turn card improves your hand or changes the board texture.


Bluffing in poker is a widely recognized strategy and is often showcased in poker pop cultures, such as TV and Film.

Although bluffing has its proper place in poker, it should not be considered a necessity, especially when facing inexperienced players.

For example, after not connecting with the board, a flop continuation bet can be classed as a bluff, but it is not likely to lose chips in the long run. Whereas more aggressive bluffs on the turn and river are likely to be costly if you an inexperienced.

Concentrating on achieving the most value from your stronger hands is more important than attempting big bluffs in low stakes poker.


Limping is a term to describe simply calling the minimum bet preflop, which is the value of the Big Blind. Being the first player to limp into a pot is not advised.

Limping is a passive action and often is countered with aggression in the form of a raise.

It is better to raise with your whole hand range rather than limp. For example, if you raise to 2.5x while holding AA in early position, you should also raise to 2.5x when holding 98 suited. If you decide to limp while holding 98 suited instead of raising, your opponents may pick up on this, and they will be able to exploit you.

Limping is only advised if another player has already done so and when you play from the Small Blind.


Defending your Big Blind is a skill that should be prioritized because of the chips you have already invested in the pot.

When in the Big Blind and facing a raise, your pot odds to call are improved because you already have a 1BB bet in the middle, allowing you to call with a wider range of hands.

However, be aware of falling into the trap of calling too wide and over defending, leading to lost chips. Focus on calling with suited hands to boost your equity.

Factors that should be considered when calling a raise from the Big Blind are opponent position, stack sizes, and the raise size.


No matter your poker goals, you should always prioritize enjoyment!

Only play with funds you can afford to lose, do not chase your losses irresponsibly.


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