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PVI in Online Poker

Posted By KKPoker | 2024-01-01

PVI in Online Poker - KKPoker

What is the Player Value Index (PVI)?

The Player Value Index (PVI) is used by online poker platforms, like KKPoker, to create a balanced ecosystem between professional and amateur players. It evaluates a player’s gaming patterns and results to assign a variable value, which is important for calculating rakeback. The goal is to even the playing field between recreational players and poker pros.

Understanding the Mechanics of KKPoker's PVI Calculation
What is KKPoker PVI’s Formula?

Understanding the Mechanics of KKPoker's PVI Calculation

The Player Value Index (PVI) applies to KKPoker's ring games. Each player possesses a distinct PVI for every game variant and blind level. This index is calculated based on several factors:

Player's win rate
Volume of hands played
The chosen stake level

The PVI system is universally applied across all players on the KKPoker platform. Typically, seasoned players with a higher win rate are assigned scores towards the lower end of this spectrum. In contrast, more recreational, often not-in-profit players will find their scores closer to the maximum.

What is KKPoker PVI’s Formula?

For a clearer understanding of how rake generation per hand works with PVI, consider this formula:

Rake =
(Player money in the pot x PVI) / (Sum of each players’ money in the pot x PVI)
X Total Hand Rake

Example 1:
NLH 5c/10c: In a game with two players, one has a PVI of 30 and the other 60. Both contribute $10 to a pot, resulting in a total of $20 and a generated rake of $0.3:

Rake Player A - PVI=30: ($10 x 30)/($10 x 30 + $10 x 60) x $0.3 = $0.1
Rake Player B - PVI=60: ($10 x 60)/($10 x 30 + $10 x 60) x $0.3 = $0.2

Assuming both players have a 50% Instant Rakeback, Player A will get $0.1 x 50% = $0.05 Rakeback, while Player B will get $0.2 x 50% = $0.1 Rakeback.

Example 2:
NLH 25c/50c: In a game with four players, contributions and PVIs are as follows: Player A (PVI=30, $30), Player B (PVI=40, $10), Player C (PVI=50, $30), and Player D (PVI=60, $5). With a combined pot of $75, they generate $1.5 in rake:

Rake Player PVI=30: ($30 x 30)/($30 x 30 + $10 x 40 + $30 x 50 + $5 x 60) x $1.5 = $0.44
Rake Player PVI=40: ($10 x 40)/($30 x 30 + $10 x 40 + $30 x 50 + $5 x 60) x $1.5 = $0.19
Rake Player PVI=50: ($30 x 50)/($30 x 30 + $10 x 40 + $30 x 50 + $5 x 60) x $1.5 = $0.73
Rake Player PVI=60: ($5 x 60)/($30 x 30 + $10 x 40 + $30 x 50 + $5 x 60) x $1.5 = $0.14

PVI is a dynamic algorithm. As such, a player’s PVI score will be automatically adjusted based on their real-time playing conditions and performance.

As shown in the formula, the rake calculation doesn’t take into account the result of the hands, but it will affect your winning rate and so will your PVI value.


For poker beginners, KKPoker offers an environment where they can thrive. The blend of a competitive rake and the PVI system ensures that recreational and professional players have a fair and enjoyable experience.

Common Queries About KKPoker's PVI

What is the Player Value Index (PVI) used by KKPoker?

PVI is a unique system KKPoker employs to ensure a balanced playing environment. It adjusts how rake is attributed to individual players based on parameters like win rate, volume of hands played, and stake.

Why does KKPoker use the PVI system?

The main objective behind PVI is to create a poker environment that welcomes recreational and professional players. By leveling the playing field, KKPoker aims to foster longer-lasting games and offer an enjoyable experience for everyone.

How does the PVI benefit recreational players?

Recreational players typically see their PVI on the higher side, which could lead to them being credited with a higher percentage of the rake. This potentially means more rakeback and rewards, making their KKPoker journey more rewarding.

I'm a professional player. How does PVI impact me?

Though pros might see a lower PVI due to their skill, the system encourages a more extensive, active player base, including recreational. This offers pros consistent opportunities and a diversified pool to engage with. Plus, KKPoker offers various promotions, like daily missions and leaderboards, which remain lucrative avenues.

Is PVI static or dynamic?

PVI is dynamic. Your PVI score will adjust as you play based on your gaming behavior and results, ensuring the system remains responsive and relevant.

Has the introduction of PVI made games softer?

Many believe the PVI system in online poker has resulted in a more balanced player pool, making games more engaging and less predatory. The outcome is a mix of both seasoned pros and recreational players at the tables.

Does KKPoker disclose the formula for its PVI system?

KKPoker does not publicly disclose the specific formula behind its PVI system. The amount of Fee generated by each player is based on factors including, but not limited to, overall gameplay history, table actions and game players. Furthermore, the factors may be actively changing, causing the platform to be unable to provide specific details on the algorithm.

Furthermore, this is a common practice among poker platforms to prevent players from exploiting or gaming the system. However, poker platforms such as KKPoker ensure the PVI algorithm is applied fairly to all players, aiming to create a balanced and enjoyable environment for everyone, from recreational to professional players.

How does the instant rakeback feature work on KKPoker?

KKPoker offers an immediate rakeback system starting from 5% for all players and allows players to earn back up to 50% of their generated rake. This feature has been well-received by players of all levels. For more details, click here.

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