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Build Your Own KKPoker Club Step-by-step!

Posted By KKPoker | 2023-06-28

Build Your Own KKPoker Club Step-by-step!

At KKPoker, we believe that you are more than just a player, and we are not just saying it; we are proving it! Our operating model combines the best of private poker games and a global player pool, offering you the ultimate online poker experience.

As a Club Host, you can create exclusive poker games and earn rakeback with just 2 active club members (players who have participated in any Lobby games during the past 7 days). But that's not all! If you're eager to explore even more ways to boost your earnings as a KKPoker Club Host, the KKPoker Affiliate Programme is your ultimate destination, with the generous up to 70% Club Affiliate Bonus!

Ready to start earning? Below is all the information you will need to become a successful Club Host. Don’t worry, we will walk you through all the steps.







KKPoker stands out as a fully licensed platform, offering a direct cashier to ensure hassle-free and secure transactions. From curating a unique and tailored experience to earning lucrative bonuses, embracing the role of a KKPoker Club Host opens the door to a myriad of advantages.

Within your club, the possibilities for customisation are endless. You have the ability to personalise your club's name, logo, and welcome message. Additionally, you can effortlessly send 24-hour club notifications to keep your members constantly informed and engaged. To add a personal touch, you can even customise your invite code and invitation link. Accessing these remarkable features is as simple as navigating to your club within the app.


Now you've customised your club; it's time to create your private games and enjoy!

KKPoker has hand-picked the most popular and newest poker formats for full variety, excitement and enjoyment, from game types such as Ring Game, MTT, and SNG to poker formats such as NLH, PLO, and OFC. Being a Club Host gives you back the control.

Here's how to get your club games started:

Take a look at the KKPoker game tables below to see all our current poker formats, as well as all the customisable features, to create your private games exactly as you want!


If you aspire to be a successful club host, there are a few crucial KKPoker Club Rules you should know. Remember, with great rewards comes great responsibility. Joining your club is a big deal for players, as they won't be able to switch clubs unless certain conditions are met. So, let's dive into these rules and make sure you're fully equipped to lead your club to success!

Since Feb 29th, 2024
Inactive Hosts Policy: If the Club Host fails to log in for 90 consecutive days, the members of their club will be given the option to withdraw themselves from the club and join a new one.

Dormant Member Auto-Dropout: If a member remains inactive (no gaming activity in the Lobby) for 180 consecutive days, they will be automatically removed from the club they have joined. 

Club Rakeback Threshold: If a club fails to earn 20% or more of Club Rakeback for 90 consecutive days (at least two active players during any 90-day period), it will be automatically disbanded. 

Transition Timeframe: After players are automatically removed from a club due to inactivity or club disbandment, they will have a 14-day window from the next time they log in to choose and join a new club.

If a player fails to join a new club during the 14-day window, they will be able to join a new club again after 180 days of inactivity (no gameplay).

We guarantee you that if you strictly follow the Club Rules above and keep yourself and your members active at KKPoker, you are only one inch away from being a prominent host.


In addition to the Club Rules, we would like to share with you some tips on how to keep your current members active and attract even more members to join your club. All techniques can be summarised in one sentence: THINK AS A MEMBER.

Make Your Appearance with Us.

Follow our social media channel (and don’t forget to look for your potential players in our comment section): As your solid support, KKPoker will update our social media accounts to keep you up to date about our new campaigns and promotions! You can share the news that you find interesting with your members.

Regularly Organize Tournaments and Events.

Stay active: as a Club Host, holding exclusive games within your club is always a nice touch. You can regularly organize Freeroll and Private Cash Games to increase your member engagement. You can also create a calendar or schedule to keep members informed about upcoming events.

Implement a Loyalty Program.

Sweeten the deal: you can provide exclusively to your members the First Deposit Bonus, Leaderboard, Missions, and Satellite Events.

KKPoker’s clubs are designed to give the Club Hosts more power to treat their members well. For example, you can offer your members with different Rakeback rates (from 5%-50%) depending on their engagement, which means for the big-time rake-generating members, you can help them dive into even more thrilling gameplay.  

Encourage Community Interaction.

Always keep in touch and listen to your members: Set up a dedicated club chat for members to connect and discuss, whether through our Club Announcement feature or any social media channels you prefer. Encourage your members to share their thoughts on how to make the poker game more fun and freely discuss your poker techniques.

Advertise Your Club.

Never miss the chance to show your Club ID / Club Name: you can share the Invitational Image we pre-set for you and put clickable Invitational Links on all your digital channels to reach your potential members.

KKPoker is dedicated to making ourselves one of the most professional, secure, and fun poker platforms online. Being one of our hosts, our ambassadors, go and tell your potential members who we really are.  


Is your club experiencing rapid expansion? Congratulations! KKPoker will always support you in maintaining and managing this growth.

KKPoker clubs are equipped with convenient management features that allow you to assign specialised roles to members, such as Managers or Agents. 

 *Downlines refers to Agents’ invited members.

You can easily track your club's earnings by using the Club Rakeback system. The Club Rakeback rate will be adjusted automatically depending on the number of active players in the club.

Sign up today to take advantage of these Club Host offerings and become more than just a player at KKPoker!

KKPoker is always here to support you. Remember, if you require assistance in creating exclusive promotions for your club, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Our dedicated key account executive is thrilled to collaborate with you and help you unlock your full potential. 

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